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Googlism comments

Delan is to the right
Delan is a dimly lit shape slouched at a table
Delan is cornered first in the baths and then in the living cavern
Delan is set in what might be a collection of large asteroids left from the breakup of a planet
Delan is non
Delan is weta's executive
Delan is a man steeped in americana and american culture
Delan is 4 years of age
Delan is to gentle to be able to withstand that kind of treatment for very long m'lord you have to do something
Delan is
Delan is the weta executive
Delan is responsible for the booking of the djs playing at the blow up events; richard dorfmeister
Delan is exceptional
Delan is giving me a horse
Delan is lost for gr duty
Delan is ecstatic over the arrow
Delan is not very cost effective
Delan is a
Delan is in on the schmaltz

Nickname Delan

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