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Googlism comments

Derf is serious about excess
Derf is a service
Derf is an easily frustrated
Derf is?
Derf is one of the nation's leading alternative cartoonists whose comic strip
Derf is my mutt
Derf is pork who is causing division and would destroy something he loves and have passion for?
Derf is 4w3
Derf is not designed as a fighting vessel it is capable of aggressive defense
Derf is aged 18
Derf is fred spelled backwards
Derf is not trying to cash in on this horror story
Derf is trashing you on every forum in bro
Derf is the spider that lives atop the fishbowl
Derf is growing roots and has new leaves
Derf is _________________
Derf is _______________
Derf is the creator of "the city" comic strip
Derf is just about to rip kracka' limb from limb
Derf is a single 'entity'
Derf is noticably absent from these proceedings
Derf is a simple game where you hit the a ball to break away at a wall
Derf is also proud to present our newest game
Derf is parsed out and it is delivered
Derf is neither a ford fan or enthusiast
Derf is one heck of a good time
Derf is widely known for his comic strip
Derf is
Derf is the name of one of the toads we have in the classroom
Derf is a veteran pianist
Derf is voi ferig mocha
Derf is a scaleable 32 bit application that runs on windows nt
Derf is no exception
Derf is a moron unregistered user
Derf is a master drummer
Derf is a jargon term
Derf is dan uw dood gelaat
Derf is comfort with it being place on the 2001 or 2002 ballot
Derf is the man
Derf is ranked 75 and has played for 1h17m in 14 days
Derf is not doing too good
Derf is of the smallest involvement in textland
Derf is ivy's
Derf is now defined
Derf is minimal
Derf is a net so luschtig
Derf is the faaaaaag of the year
Derf is the professional handle of john backDerf
Derf is ranked 941 and has played for 1h30m in 14 days real name
Derf is not the same as the decontamination factor
Derf is a partnership between national city bank and downtown development organizations
Derf is fred backwards
Derf is a subsidiary of mcdonough realty services
Derf is not merely his range of subject matter
Derf is aaeko ibcair jab j ptr a gherer mrnsil am_tr m
Derf is thinking not sure what Derf is thinking
Derf is legion
Derf is not gay
Derf is an industry
Derf is net
Derf is ranked 119 and has played for 2h33m in 32 days real name
Derf is doing now
Derf is on a roll
Derf is einpackn ?" "bitte
Derf is not accepting messages
Derf is ranked 183 and has played for 13m in 14 days real name
Derf is centered on the basket about 43 feet away
Derf is specific for double
Derf is right in the mix after his comeback performance today
Derf is no good in the mwc is based on my impression that there > are more nc's and sodaks in the mwc than the ircwcc
Derf is right

Nickname Derf

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