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Googlism comments

Dod is on track to add biometrics to common access card
Dod is wary of competitive procurement proposal
Dod is love
Dod is looking for shipmates with health problems from shad
Dod is different
Dod is warning
Dod is looking for pro
Dod is looking for
Dod is addressing needs deploying
Dod is ready for new year
Dod is crack
Dod is hostage to a monster
Dod is floundering
Dod is addressing capability shortfalls
Dod is working
Dod is moving to staroffice
Dod is going digital
Dod is in the process of planning
Dod is on track to add biometrics to common access card by william jackson gcn staff the defense department is pursuing an aggressive timetable for
Dod is love collection takes you on a magic carpet ride back to the psychedelic days of peace
Dod is undergoing 'a dramatic reduction'
Dod is different ~ e partly this committee has concluded that instituting cultural change is the single most important action needed to deal effectively
Dod is ok for y2k
Dod is addressing needs deploying personnel
Dod is attempting to implement a reporting system for less serious mistakes so healthcare providers can learn from them and prevent them in the future
Dod is going
Dod is part of cim
Dod is allocating up to $76
Dod is
Dod is wholly or partially responsible
Dod is resolved
Dod is similar to other industries total national defense spending in 1999 was approximately $364
Dod is critically dependent on information technology
Dod is working with other us government agencies
Dod is to balance the need for use of its air
Dod is challenging epa penalty authority under the clean air act
Dod is/it
Dod is planning the reorganization of the asd/c3i office
Dod is reworking the rule so that the purpose competition is clear
Dod is admitting two things
Dod is not working on a single set of transactions
Dod is shifting from a factory
Dod is launching an "early warning system" to enable it to identify and address potential vertical integration
Dod is not responsible for the content of those sites
Dod is is known as command
Dod is wary of competitive procurement proposal by dawn s
Dod is reworking the rule so that the purpose ? competition ? is clear
Dod is that the software
Dod is also engaged in two related activities
Dod is rich to boot
Dod is seeking to develop programs that afford faster
Dod is tackling many of the same environmental challenges that confront our nation's industrial and commercial sectors
Dod is proposing a massive rollback of environmental regulations and exemptions from
Dod is such a massive organization that it is difficult to think of it in terms of individual persons and actions
Dod is working hard to uncover the truth about gws
Dod is committed to expanding child care available through the military child development system to meet the needs of its personnel
Dod is looking for technologies that secure assets
Dod is in the process of planning for the tricare dental program for family members of active duty members of the seven uniformed services
Dod is taking a big step forward with its implementation of its standard procurement system
Dod is pleased that all the services are coming on board to develop their own uav roadmaps that
Dod is now tasked with facilitating integrated
Dod is assigned the role of `defense' but does not elaborate on how it will accomplish this vague assignment
Dod is responding in several ways to president clinton?s call for a 50
Dod is tapping private sector expertise and capital to speed the revitalization of military housing through the military housing privatization initiative
Dod is expected to take the airline case to the cabinet committee on
Dod is the worst game i have ever played
Dod is employing a wide range of revolutionary techniques never before attempted
Dod is finding there are differences in the department?s occupational mix
Dod is only moderately sized
Dod is running out of useful address space just as is the rest of the world
Dod is integrating its different capabilities and assets including but not limited too those of the army's land information warfare
Dod is that hiv/aids is a chronic
Dod is effective at maintaining a health care system supportive of day
Dod is responsible for defending against attacks to locks and >dams in the united states
Dod is seeking to provide tricare for medicare
Dod is also restricting further payments to bioport to only those items ?deemed allowable to comply with both good government fiscal practices and

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