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Googlism comments

Dodee is convinced it's murder
Dodee is making a mystery out of thin air when she speculates about the death of the chef scheduled to be their guide
Dodee is an artist and loves puzzles
Dodee is the woman for him? four stars
Dodee is our escrow assistant and helps keep our escrows moving smoothly
Dodee is fast asleep without her hearing aid
Dodee is off and running after clues with a reluctant but stout
Dodee is kidnapped
Dodee is far away
Dodee is an artist
Dodee is off and running to look for the killer with james on her heels
Dodee is correct
Dodee is convenced there is
Dodee is a great character too and just right for jim
Dodee is in charge of our 30
Dodee is dead
Dodee is an artist who is a painting portrait in the hotel lobby

Nickname Dodee

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