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Googlism comments

Donaldo is a jack of many trades
Donaldo is a believer; but since his calendar had the school vacations listed in spanish
Donaldo is a fraudster who has been conning the unsuspecting public into thinking he's a poor fellow down on his luck when really he's a member of the
Donaldo is one of 60 children who have taken refuge at a shelter where harris and his staff provide meals
Donaldo is the applied linguistics graduate program director and teaches the core linguistics courses
Donaldo is soon to open as baci
Donaldo is willing to do what is best for the team
Donaldo is a moron
Donaldo is getting extremely hard thinking about this
Donaldo is not a pussy or what not
Donaldo is my lover and thats what i call him bitoch
Donaldo is no longer among us??? after the death

Nickname Donaldo

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