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Googlism comments

Dotter is ten years old
Dotter is a useful program for the comparison of two sequences
Dotter is a graphical tool for visualising the relationship between two sequences
Dotter is now available for use
Dotter is a graphical dotplot program for
Dotter is a tool to create dot
Dotter is an alicia patterson fellow
Dotter is considered by many to be the "father of interventional radiology" and his legacy in interventional research is continued today at the Dotter
Dotter is considered the "father of interventional radiology
Dotter is clearly the father of the idea of opening vessels from the inside
Dotter is a graphical dotplot program
Dotter is a stylish double headed dauber that increases a players efficiency by putting two colours in one hand at the same time
Dotter is looking forward to going to michigan international speedway for next
Dotter is looking forward to some of the upcoming events on the schedule
Dotter is consistant with four repeats in the region indicated by pfam
Dotter is the recipient of the josephine patterson albright fellowship in photography for the year 2000 from the alicia patterson foundation
Dotter is a fearless
Dotter is spelled in all lower case letters
Dotter is a free
Dotter is a program that provides a graphical view of aligned sequences
Dotter is a master gardener and horticulture consultant who is the community gardening coordinator for the city of san jose's parks department
Dotter is fixed
Dotter is a leading contemporary socio
Dotter is back
Dotter is installed on iss cluster machines and also on the bioinformatics cluster
Dotter is then connected to each sequence found during the search
Dotter is the ceo and sole stockholder of md landscape services
Dotter is followed portenga with 1
Dotter is running the truck that he ran at loudon
Dotter is an interactive dotplot program
Dotter is a dotplot sequence viewer
Dotter is now available in the archive
Dotter is a graphical 'dot plotter'
Dotter is a half year old
Dotter is no longer an active member of the negotiating team
Dotter is veel groter dan de gewone soort en heeft een spinachtige vergroeiing aan de stengel
Dotter is acknowledged as founder of the specialty from his landmark work on angioplasty
Dotter is > invoked both as a stand alone program and from within xace and we just want > one load of code to do both
Dotter is a graphical dotplot program for detailed comparison of two protein or dna sequences
Dotter is getting a bit anxious about it
Dotter is a clean freak
Dotter is part of a hui headed by gil johnson
Dotter is not really a windows application
Dotter is famous for his photos of working people
Dotter is in 16th place
Dotter is invoked with the names of two sequence files in fasta format
Dotter is a dotplot program for comparison of two sequences written by erik sonnhammer and richard durbin
Dotter is a dot
Dotter is daughter
Dotter is carbon manager
Dotter is the former gladys walk
Dotter is a freelance photographer from silver spring
Dotter is a graphical dotplot program for detailed comparison of two sequences
Dotter is on
Dotter is likely not a name; "lewisDotter" is possible
Dotter is the swedish word for daughter
Dotter is tranebo
Dotter is
Dotter is a bitch on 1/16/01
Dotter is now available in the
Dotter is nynorsk
Dotter is available at ftp
Dotter is a new word i just created
Dotter is covering it
Dotter is a member of the brotherhood of locomotive engineers and is mentioned as the candidate for sheriff on the democratic ticket for 1892

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