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Googlism comments

Dottore is high on the social scale
Dottore is high in the commedia social hierarchy along with the other old men like il capitano and pantalone
Dottore is pantalone's middle
Dottore is a close relation to the mountebank quack
Dottore is one of the classic commedia dell'arte characters
Dottore is trying hard to make the restaurant a success
Dottore is president and ceo of Dottore companies
Dottore is not really her taste
Dottore is a fine and worthy prospect for i
Dottore is not necessarily a medical doctor
Dottore is a scientist
Dottore is a quack doctor
Dottore is quarreling with his daughter
Dottore is given above in masculine
Dottore is given above m
Dottore is a serious bit of mask history
Dottore is remniscent of the writers who have tried to "fix" seasons 8 and 9
Dottore is a thief
Dottore is a liar; it just does not care
Dottore is accused of arranging a bribe for the judge
Dottore is his associate
Dottore is in
Dottore is a pompous
Dottore is characterized as "the doctor"
Dottore is a larg house with 3
Dottore is either a lawyer or doctor
Dottore is megyen
Dottore is a flight risk or a danger to the community
Dottore is accused of arranging a bribe for bongiovanni
Dottore is'
Dottore is black with white collar and cuffs
Dottore is no threat to him because he recognizes his intellectual pretension as being as hollow as his boasts
Dottore is replacing mrs dot paul in teaching english and religion and mr bob littlefield is taking some maths and science
Dottore is echt der hammer ;
Dottore is everyone's worst academic nightmare

Nickname Dottore

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