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Googlism comments

Elayne is the key
Elayne is worth
Elayne is one liberated gal who needs to be out and about
Elayne is a senior lecturer in business information management at the westminster business school
Elayne is one of three women fated to fall in love with rand al?thor
Elayne is suppose to have curls in her hair
Elayne is suppose to be beautiful
Elayne is a professional realistic artist
Elayne is a marvelous composer and arranger"
Elayne is the vice
Elayne is a very powerful aes sedai
Elayne is very resourceful and tenacious with research
Elayne is thrilled
Elayne is about to cry because she learned that berelain was in rand's rooms
Elayne is quite the pierced lady
Elayne is the fundraising chair for the boxer rescue fund inc
Elayne is a pain in the @$$
Elayne is weaving the gateway
Elayne is amazed that egwene actually considers that rand might "chain aes sedai like damane"
Elayne is in for some shocks
Elayne is pondering her dilemma
Elayne is currently "on the road" making people laugh and helping animals by donating 100% of all proceeds of her merchandise sold after her concerts to local
Elayne is a senior lecturer in business information management
Elayne is a very creative individual
Elayne is strictly kept to her schedule of running
Elayne is the innocent who's been too busy skating to look around her
Elayne is an artist and they regularly frequent museums and concerts together
Elayne is fascinated by mystical magical symbols like her last name
Elayne is refocusing her energies on her company
Elayne is now on the board of boxer rescue fund of los angeles
Elayne is captured and leashed
Elayne is knocked unconscious
Elayne is attaching the feet that she has sculpted
Elayne is a respected rec
Elayne is sure to be a sell
Elayne is a systems analyst and is the cika assistant chief instructor
Elayne is too young
Elayne is not the only family tie that evans has to osu
Elayne is a newly qualified ebu director
Elayne is a member of the associated women in the arts
Elayne is a community craft worker
Elayne is not an unknown
Elayne is trying to consolidate her power in caemlyn with the help of birgitte and aviendha
Elayne is originally from st
Elayne is encountering while she is trying to establish herself as the queen of andor
Elayne is the creator of women doing comics list
Elayne is a people person
Elayne is a quiet introspective player
Elayne is a brazilian national living in brazil who speaks portuguese
Elayne is clearly able to copy some of the simpler ter'angreal
Elayne is buying into dalt's manipulations to make himself look like the best choice
Elayne is also the instructor for this course
Elayne is lightly stunned
Elayne is available to answer any queries the media may have regarding the force and to pass out information to the public via television
Elayne is quite disturbed by this
Elayne is pregnant with twins and that aviendha will end up having quads
Elayne is the only member of the three he hasn't slept with yet
Elayne is taken from tennyson
Elayne is the main contact for our clients ensuring all travel needs are met and clients are satisfied
Elayne is truly a dear friend of the highest degree
Elayne is
Elayne is bilingual
Elayne is her bondbird
Elayne is the daughter
Elayne is a native manhattanite who doesn't see why she should ever leave
Elayne is a skilled storyteller
Elayne is a wetlander
Elayne is pregnant
Elayne is going to have a tough time holding onto her life
Elayne is a fire control officer in the brigade control room Elaynesymo@aol
Elayne is together probably as important as perrin
Elayne is in love with rand
Elayne is the daughter of queen morgase
Elayne is on the edge
Elayne is great in her job
Elayne is the bid committee's north american agent
Elayne is to blame
Elayne is chastised by elaida
Elayne is helping rand with the decisions of a ruler
Elayne is dead
Elayne is smiling widely from her seat near the fringe of the theatre
Elayne is a born diplomat
Elayne is doomed as well
Elayne is also
Elayne is galads halfsister
Elayne is ezt vartak volna el randtol a 9

Nickname Elayne

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