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Googlism comments

Elway is ugly and sutpid
Elway is ugly and stupid
Elway is still young and is only about 5 or so inches long
Elway is among the most talented qbs to play the game
Elway is trying
Elway is born in port angeles
Elway is one of the great all
Elway is a treasure
Elway is in the process of announcing his retirement from pro football
Elway is our greatest loss
Elway is drafted by the baltimore colts and forces the colts to trade him by threatening to quit football and play baseball for the new york yankees
Elway is the kind of player that makes you actually love the game of football
Elway is the kind of player that actually makes you love the game of football" player of the 1998 season find out who is the 1998
Elway is a proven leader
Elway is perhaps best known for his uncanny ability to guide his team to come
Elway is scheduled to make a presentation to the aflís board of directors on august 18
Elway is trying to force the ball
Elway is named most valuable player of super bowl xxxiii
Elway is the best quarterback of all
Elway is the master of the inconceivable pass thrown to the unreachable spot
Elway is between wanting to play and wanting to get ready to play
Elway is like just yet
Elway is the co
Elway is hands down one of the best quarterbacks in the world
Elway is the chairman of the board of directors of mvp
Elway is also about leadership
Elway is one of the most important individuals of the past one hundred years because he is a great quarterback
Elway is the super bowl mvp
Elway is one of the hot players in the nfl
Elway is busy setting a great example for young people all over the country
Elway is expected to retire after this season
Elway is ready to join michael jordan and wayne gretzky in retirement
Elway is the chairman of the board
Elway is urging his fellow party members on towards dale and then notices that lyre seems to have changed his mind about vanishing with the others and has
Elway is a genuine hero and wheaties is proud to salute him as a true wheaties champion
Elway is a tremendously convincing guard dog
Elway is a great quarterback
Elway is an active member in the following trade associations
Elway is a special man no doubt
Elway is not a top 20 quarterback because his quarterback rating is less than 80
Elway is good
Elway is the greatest ever
Elway is in the next room
Elway is the all
Elway is one such athlete
Elway is here is terrell davis
Elway is going to retire and i don't blame him one bit
Elway is the man to take this franchise to the next level and beyond
Elway is one of my favorite players
Elway is in 24th all time place at
Elway is tired at the end of a long season
Elway is now playing in his 15th year with the denver broncos
Elway is coming back
Elway is the only nfl quarterback ever to start in five super bowls
Elway is the only player ever to pass for 3
Elway is a sure thing for the football hall of fame and we'll have to wait till next year to see if davis can make it back from his injuries this season
Elway is a sure thing for the football hall of fame
Elway is still alive also
Elway is mr
Elway is the last one to blame for any past super bowl failure
Elway is on that hero's journey having overcome the obstacles of two play
Elway is the second
Elway is joined at the hip with unitas
Elway is a member of the autonation group
Elway is 38 while marino and young are 37
Elway is known for his successful drives on the football field
Elway is a two
Elway is a good
Elway is a quick learner
Elway is carrying some "deep
Elway is ready for a new area of fan criticism
Elway is the all time winningest qb in the nfl and is second only to dan marino in total passing yards
Elway is returning to
Elway is directing his team down the field
Elway is joining several well
Elway is the dean of the six with 16 seasons
Elway is leaving on a winning note
Elway is a warm and caring woman who is beloved throughout colorado
Elway is the coolest man alive; he is an inspiration to us all
Elway is tall
Elway is a sure thing for the football hall of fame and
Elway is working with dreams to produce a line of Elway memorabilia
Elway is broncos' iron horse
Elway is one of the most successful quarterbacks in the history of the national football league
Elway is denver's number one sporting son
Elway is a grandson of dhd traveler 6807 on the top side of his pedigree
Elway is supposed to finish his illustrious career a winner sunday night
Elway is the star of the photos
Elway is returning to professional football
Elway is ready to join michael jordan and wayne gretzky in retirement ó the
Elway is already kicking my ass
Elway is the tale of a
Elway is the team's president and chief executive officer
Elway is a horrible qb on monday nights in week 16 of the season
Elway is an irresistible
Elway is at home
Elway is getting ready for the rocker? the august 12

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