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Googlism comments

Ephiny is one of the few amazons who does not belive gab betayed the amazon nation
Ephiny is rescued
Ephiny is a well drawn character without too much fleshing out
Ephiny is a warrior who has fought and killed in earnest
Ephiny is down caught in gab's net amarice arrives with the bad news
Ephiny is concerned for
Ephiny is one of the best
Ephiny is killed by brutus in battle
Ephiny is quiet and reserved when off duty but generally joins in more once she gets to know people
Ephiny is the full
Ephiny is not scheduled to reappear
Ephiny is infuriated by belach's accusation and gabrielle tries to calm her down
Ephiny is killed in a battle with caesar's army
Ephiny is dead and return to the village with amarice to determine what to do next
Ephiny is delighted about the arrival of gabrielle
Ephiny is the true queen of the amazons
Ephiny is shouting at the screen
Ephiny is a wise and skilled amazon warrior
Ephiny is cautiously advancing upon some roman soldiers in the highlands
Ephiny is worried about him?
Ephiny is one of the best amazons on xwp
Ephiny is one of my favourite characters so i was really pleased to see her back in it
Ephiny is the most noble
Ephiny is ready to give birth
Ephiny is the only one who knows and you'll just need gabrielle's statement to get you through
Ephiny is before her standing at rigid attention but her manner conveys a mixture of embarrassment and anxiety
Ephiny is the best friend of aisha williams
Ephiny is one of the best loved characters
Ephiny is too injured to continue
Ephiny is an amazon
Ephiny is an amazon princess who instructs gabrielle in using the staff as a weapon of defence
Ephiny is a brave fighter and
Ephiny is played by danielle cormack; velasca is
Ephiny is there
Ephiny is killed in battle by brutus
Ephiny is one of the strongest women who appears on xena
Ephiny is missing
Ephiny is here for us
Ephiny is seated across from her
Ephiny is killed in
Ephiny is not as easily impressed
Ephiny is on the prowl for some warrior princess action
Ephiny is queen in my absence
Ephiny is a very attractive woman
Ephiny is killed
Ephiny is killed by brutus in a battle against the romes
Ephiny is going to approve of this at all xena
Ephiny is considered a large female at 80 pounds
Ephiny is killed by brutus
Ephiny is the only editor that she could ever deal with and that she didn't need any more money and that amazon books was there for her at the
Ephiny is now queen of the melosan amaazons
Ephiny is a sister amazon to gabrielle
Ephiny is going to kill me for this i can fell it
Ephiny is no longer in charge
Ephiny is back
Ephiny is the goddess of strife? where is she right now?" joxer pumped his biceps in response
Ephiny is very well done in this original story
Ephiny is asked to interfere
Ephiny is an extremely popular character
Ephiny is saying but i can tell that she’s finding it difficult
Ephiny is the queen of the amazons in my absence
Ephiny is both strong and beautiful
Ephiny is dead
Ephiny is killed by romans and xena and gabrielle return to the amazon nation to take on caesar and pompei again
Ephiny is the most visable amazon in the series
Ephiny is a countess who is actually a superhero
Ephiny is still alive
Ephiny is very concerned about the bard's state of mind but knows that her friend must work through this on her own
Ephiny is asked to interfere when xena can't quite keep up with
Ephiny is the acting queen
Ephiny is helped back into the saddle
Ephiny is the sole queen
Ephiny is the legacy of a long line of proud amazon warriors
Ephiny is anime dimension's resident manga artist
Ephiny is captured
Ephiny is with the children
Ephiny is lying down
Ephiny is now standing queen in gabrielle's absence
Ephiny is helped back up into the saddle
Ephiny is really not pleased at this
Ephiny is there too
Ephiny is right
Ephiny is 18 turns
Ephiny is asking you to free her from the pain
Ephiny is killed fighting roman forces

Nickname Ephiny

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