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Googlism comments

Eriol is a mysterious enigma that appears at the beginning of the third season
Eriol is too smart to be tricked by him
Eriol is a bit different don't you think?
Eriol is a bit different than anyone else
Eriol is a transfer student from england who enrolled in tomoeda elementary in the midle of the school year
Eriol is more powerful than clow reed off course
Eriol is being crowded by the girls syaoran is staring at him from across the room Eriol notices
Eriol is very intelligent
Eriol is gay
Eriol is a talented young wizard who pushes sakura around with his power
Eriol is always up to something
Eriol is also quite good at acting and putting on performances
Eriol is there as a reincarnation of the clow
Eriol is a character from the 2nd series
Eriol is a friend
Eriol is covering up for sakura
Eriol is a new transfer student into sakura's class
Eriol is not in class and the teacher explains that he is going back
Eriol is talking to a stuffed animal
Eriol is an exchange student in sakura's class from england
Eriol is very close to sakura
Eriol is the primary antagonist of the third season
Eriol is 11 years old and in the 5th grade at the beginning of third season
Eriol is causing all of the strange events so she can transform the clow cards into sakura cards
Eriol is god
Eriol is not really considered
Eriol is apart from yue in the entire series of ccs my favourite character
Eriol is really fond of little sakura but he is too sensible as to know they are not suited for each other
Eriol is enough of a freak as he is without a thirty year old
Eriol is
Eriol is invited to come to his home; the house of hundred chimneys
Eriol is really not 10 years old
Eriol is re? ?it can't be
Eriol is intersted in kaho
Eriol is half of the reincarnation of clow read
Eriol is nearby
Eriol is still special to me
Eriol is such a sweetie
Eriol is holding onto her
Eriol is a hottie and so is syaoran
Eriol is clow's full reincarnation in the anime
Eriol is not the evil half
Eriol is cute too so he is the second
Eriol is one half of the reincarnation of clow read/clow reed
Eriol is playing go
Eriol is the other
Eriol is somewhere nearby
Eriol is talking about
Eriol is a transfer student from england
Eriol is actually
Eriol is very polite
Eriol is very mature and kind
Eriol is also working on his outfit
Eriol is a man and he is somehow able to land on the lonely isle and speak with the elves
Eriol is polite boy
Eriol is almost too kind to sakura and appears to be a very gentle boy
Eriol is in love with nobody and nothing except for the idea of love
Eriol is not so different to clow as he would like to believe
Eriol is a new person that gets in sakura's way
Eriol is the same age as you
Eriol is the reincarnation of clow reed
Eriol is such a good name
Eriol is a
Eriol is a reincarnation of the clow itself
Eriol is playing the piano while tomoyo sings
Eriol is the reincarnation clow reed
Eriol is only 11? it's so not right
Eriol is mine
Eriol is actually behind all of the weird things that keep happening
Eriol is going too
Eriol is really the reincarnation of clow reed
Eriol is quite a handsome male
Eriol is such an interesting character
Eriol is a character from card captor sakura
Eriol is born in england
Eriol is back in england
Eriol is soooo cool
Eriol is clow reed
Eriol is the same physical age
Eriol is the half reincarnation of clow reed and the other half is sakura's father
Eriol is known as 'creepy' to most of the ccs fans
Eriol is the only one there to help
Eriol is watching kinomoto family's table talk that he projects on his magic mirror
Eriol is a new foreign exchange student that comes to sakura's school
Eriol is fine
Eriol is a boy in sakura's class
Eriol is from england

Nickname Eriol

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