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Googlism comments

Eyeore is the same as uk version
Eyeore is so very comforting
Eyeore is gray with a pink bow on tail
Eyeore is here too with a very serious
Eyeore is my favorite disney character
Eyeore is enjoying it especially
Eyeore is the type of fish who can have friends
Eyeore is so cute he is my favourite but it doesnt meen i don't like the other characters
Eyeore is one of her favourites
Eyeore is the most under
Eyeore is just about
Eyeore is pretty depressing
Eyeore is listed as number 25
Eyeore is his friend
Eyeore is approx 18cms
Eyeore is so sweet
Eyeore is looking for a house for
Eyeore is the cute'st
Eyeore is the cute'st 05
Eyeore is my favorite character too
Eyeore is waving goodbye to team kkf2a
Eyeore is greatly relieved and owl is now advertising in the teddysville tidbits classifieds for another bell rope
Eyeore is great
Eyeore is god
Eyeore is
Eyeore is my best friend's favorite pooh character
Eyeore is a classic example of distymia
Eyeore is putting the balloon in the pot and taking it out again as pleased as could be
Eyeore is in the hundred acre wood

Nickname Eyeore

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