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Googlism comments

Faisal is declared king of greater syria
Faisal is given full executive powers in saudi arabia
Faisal is not traveling he enjoys playing soccer
Faisal is distrusted by
Faisal is seeking out venture capital
Faisal is no exception in the world of financial corruption
Faisal is honoured
Faisal is an internationally respected islamic scholar
Faisal is often asked if he fears for his life
Faisal is a fiery politician
Faisal is being investigated for making statements considered harmful to jordan
Faisal is connected to the following things
Faisal is connected to because
Faisal is known for her objection for the government
Faisal is willing to talk to us
Faisal is more pragmatic than his father and has a low
Faisal is an mob
Faisal is named crown prince
Faisal is a great citizen of whatever community he happens to find himself in at carleton he was tireless in promoting the causes of a number of communities be
Faisal is the system that has been used up to our times
Faisal is the only guy in class with a unibrow
Faisal is a collectors of different items and already traded world wide with more that 100 collectors
Faisal is the son of his late majesty king Faisal bin abdul aziz
Faisal is the second in saudi arabia
Faisal is expected to call on president bush and other administration leaders including secretary colin powell on friday
Faisal is working on is as follows
Faisal is accused of telling followers that a jihad
Faisal is alleged to have said
Faisal is the imam of the islamic forum of canada
Faisal is a breach of international human rights treaties to which jordan is a ratifier
Faisal is known for her outspoken criticism of government officials
Faisal is starting to feel like he doesn't matter anymore
Faisal is 212 metres
Faisal is a member of the royal family = which is the
Faisal is using as a self contained film to submit to festivals
Faisal is a co
Faisal is a fellow of the institute of chartered accountants in england and wales
Faisal is a writer
Faisal is a student of the associate of chartered certified accountants program
Faisal is the chairman
Faisal is the elder brother of the more well
Faisal is an arabic name
Faisal is allowed by law to run in the
Faisal is pakistani
Faisal is being held
Faisal is the band's voice
Faisal is on his way to mit but not until he completes teaching a course in calculus at
Faisal is responding to charges of posting articles on the internet which were defamatory to a group of independent
Faisal is a fugitive of argentine justice
Faisal is a regular saturday night lecturer
Faisal is reportedly on a hunger strike to protest her detention
Faisal is considered the golen era during which the kingdom of saudi arabia took great strides in all fields to
Faisal is assassinated by his nephew
Faisal is on vacation
Faisal is arguing her case herself
Faisal is good only in the action scenes and is quite wooden otherwise
Faisal is meeting with bush this week and is expected to urge prompt action by bush on statehood
Faisal is growing heartily weary
Faisal is very
Faisal is the king's nephew and former head of saudi intelligence
Faisal is a member
Faisal is closed for parking and the corp commanderís building and naval headquarters are teeming with military and paramilitary
Faisal is assassinated by a deranged nephew
Faisal is charged with soliciting
Faisal is recuperating in damascus where she is staying with relatives in the syrian capital
Faisal is fast becoming a preferred centre
Faisal is the highest
Faisal is deliberately provocative
Faisal is his messenger
Faisal is now carrying out a phd with simon laughlin
Faisal is married to a british woman of pakistani origin and they have two children
Faisal is my name & that's how i look when i am happy
Faisal is toch een tegenslag voor de vs
Faisal is a member of soat network inside sudan and staff member of khartoum centre for human rights
Faisal is currently responsible for deploying a parts specialist based stocklist management solution for lucent
Faisal is pictured in the us state department in washington in july
Faisal is considered one of the more accomplished members of the saudi royal family
Faisal is also one of those people who can talk anyone into anything
Faisal is the co
Faisal is shot dead on his first attempt of robbery by kamran and then mir shaukat asks kamran to go and hide on his lands in interior sindh
Faisal is
Faisal is nothing but a normal child
Faisal is the daughter of king Faisal of saudi arabia who was killed by king fahd in 1975 through a thick plot
Faisal is the name of a 19 year old
Faisal is trusted by
Faisal is governor of asir province
Faisal is an entrepreneur with 22 years experience of the media sector
Faisal is looking for new titles to be added to the al

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