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Googlism comments

Fale is a place which aims to offer/provide you with a space to raise questions you have regarding your course
Fale is completing her final year of high school at st patricks ladies college & mika is in 8th grade and is undecided about his future at the present future
Fale is a small Fale built in genuine samoan style
Fale is that it have same name as me
Fale is a school teacher
Fale is a historic lime construction
Fale is set among tropical gardens
Fale is met by gala players alan johnston and ian wilson on his arrival last night at the club
Fale is making a slow recovery from his rib problems
Fale is due to reopen at the end of the month
Fale is followed by a=20 > consonant
Fale is to be used
Fale is very wet inside
Fale is simply furnished with a single and a double bed
Fale is charged with second degree murder in the beating death of her 2
Fale is unique and built around its immediate environment
Fale is an open sided bungalow
Fale is a guy that didn't do a good job in the summer in terms of his offseason conditioning
Fale is near the sign and you should stop there to seek permission and to pay your entry fee
Fale is suspected of this and other crimes by the jurors and the four neighbouring townships
Fale is set among tropical trees and accommodates two people with a choice of king or single beds
Fale is one of the middle noble houses of allanak
Fale is open to the sea with a spacious verandah and has large tiled rooms cooled by ceiling fans
Fale is a wolof phrase that means
Fale is a family house built in the traditional manner except that corrugated iron has been used for the roof instead of thatch
Fale is employed as an operating room
Fale is the preferred choice and is even popular in central apia
Fale is open to the sea with a spacious veranda and has large tiled rooms cooled by ceiling fans
Fale is really in control
Fale is beach front with its own balcony
Fale is een ovale constructie zonder wanden
Fale is right next door
Fale is giving an
Fale is out for a week or so with a knee medial ligament strain after what maharey says is
Fale is quiet; the family have spoken and now sleeping
Fale is minimalized
Fale is eur 113
Fale is eur 53
Fale is all about staying in touch with families and
Fale is the traditional samoan building
Fale is tropically inviting and welcomes guests into this 94 room property with its swimming pool and floodlit tennis courts
Fale is a tongan traditional house
Fale is calling loud
Fale is cooler with open sides
Fale is a very good story teller
Fale is located to the west of the central bank building
Fale is given; for the
Fale is now closed because of the visitors trashing it
Fale is constructed out of wood and tin
Fale is that neighbor that she went to
Fale is decorated with 'elei
Fale is where the kids will sleep tonight
Fale is a mini
Fale is always packed
Fale is built as a small traditional samoan house with thatched roof
Fale is popular for late afternoon 1 nautical mile mulifenua falatutahi otafi tulua fatu te ahanga loa reef fenua fala Fale kauahua o kupega
Fale is here
Fale is a beach hut
Fale is an oval
Fale is full
Fale is a style of building particular to samoa and comes in a variety of sizes and models
Fale is built in an oval shape
Fale is new
Fale is that it is commandline
Fale is __________
Fale is wel een zeer capabel multirole vliegtuig
Fale is not available in english

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