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Googlism comments

FeRiO is a swordsman that usually carries a sword that is almost as big as himself
FeRiO is cool but master mage clef roxxxxxxx
FeRiO is more of a mix between nakago and tamahome
FeRiO is a boy
FeRiO is the mysterious stranger who appears in the "forest of silence"
FeRiO is kinda cute
FeRiO is turned into a guardian angel to
FeRiO is simply a traveling mercenary
FeRiO is fuu's boyfriend
FeRiO is a rogue
FeRiO is verra verra nice to look at
FeRiO is such a hunk
FeRiO is the mysterious young swordsman that the knights encounter in the forest of silence
FeRiO is really the prince of cephiro
FeRiO is introduced
FeRiO is when she goes to face a monster alone so that she can save him
FeRiO is a bad
FeRiO is the sword weilding hero whom the knights meet in the depths of the forest of silence
FeRiO is the ruler of cephiro
FeRiO is wearing something her ideal dude would wear
FeRiO is surprised aw
FeRiO is the prince
FeRiO is so adorable and the dark zagato is high on my list
FeRiO is actually the prince of cefiro
FeRiO is sold in canada as a sedan
FeRiO is just a bit annoyed with umi
FeRiO is the cutest guy on the show
FeRiO is quite a complex character for being a "minor" one
FeRiO is also a
FeRiO is working against the knights? this may answer a few of the other questions as well
FeRiO is begging fuu to be his girl friend and fuu
FeRiO is my favourite male mkr character and i'm really pleased at the way that this charcoal sketch of him came out
FeRiO is the greenheaded hero oh rayearth
FeRiO is a handsome mercenary who roams around cephiro looking for work
FeRiO is the vampire prince
FeRiO is the little brother of emeraude
FeRiO is still my baby
FeRiO is the younger brother of princess emeraude
FeRiO is a mysterious swordsman who the girls meet in the forest of silence
FeRiO is also her cousin
FeRiO is not the sort of person you would want to meet in a dark alley
FeRiO is a classy young man with a green and yellow outfit and green hair that he wears in a small little ponytail that i think is kinda cute
FeRiO is one o' my fave magic knight rayearth characters
FeRiO is a mysterious mercinary that may work for whoever pays enough
FeRiO is the younger brother of emeraude
FeRiO is a total cutie
FeRiO is locked in
FeRiO is an
FeRiO is sleeping
FeRiO is so cute
FeRiO is in danger fuu calls the monster back and in doing so the monster cuts itself in 1/2 on fuu's new escudo sword
FeRiO is right
FeRiO is leaner
FeRiO is actually princess emeraude's younger brother
FeRiO is sulking
FeRiO is called leo jee
FeRiO is evil
FeRiO is my boyfriend
FeRiO is really intersted in fuu more than any of the other two magic knights
FeRiO is about 18 while the girls are all 16
FeRiO is incommunicado right now
FeRiO is the ladies man and has a liking to fuu which i think is the best lol ;
FeRiO is
FeRiO is a young swordsman who wishes to save princess emeraude and his land of cephiro in the anime magic knight rayearth
FeRiO is ranked 34 and has played for 38m in 30 days real name
FeRiO is okay
FeRiO is used to verify constraints on disjoint categories
FeRiO is used to > verify constraints on disjoint categories
FeRiO is a wandering knight in the rough
FeRiO is this green
FeRiO is a
FeRiO is one tough dude that can scare little kids just by staring at them
FeRiO is a mysterious swordsman that hikaru
FeRiO is a swordsman the magic knights meet on their journey
FeRiO is quietly developing
FeRiO is a very interesting guy
FeRiO is quite a softy at heart
FeRiO is the charming swordsman that meets the girls from time to time
FeRiO is introduced to the girls on their way to the spring of eterna
FeRiO is getting his butt kicked by the evil ray thing
FeRiO is about to leave

Nickname FeRiO

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