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Googlism comments

Ferol is rivertown
Ferol is the largest
Ferol is a fountain of encouragement
Ferol is questioned about why he retreated when only he and one other man were left; he eventually concedes
Ferol is my special friend
Ferol is known within albemarle as a business information specialist and a tireless library promoter
Ferol is the district coordinator for ogle
Ferol is the wife of carl fisher of gratiot
Ferol is the one sobbing
Ferol is your connection
Ferol is guilty of "bad faith" because he places his life in the hands of god and church instead of embracing the existential fact that
Ferol is chosen because his captain says Ferol is socially undesirable
Ferol is large for a black bear by any standard
Ferol is the daughter of walter henry lovelady and Ferol gene martin
Ferol is > healthy but when she does > get a cold her breathing and
Ferol is great

Nickname Ferol

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