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Googlism comments

Fidelma is the detective that enables peter tremayne to
Fidelma is the detective that enables peter tremayne to bring 7th century ireland to life
Fidelma is presiding over a local court
Fidelma is a brilliant and beguiling heroine
Fidelma is an irish religieuse of the 7th century ad who is also a trained advocate of the ancient irish law system of the time
Fidelma is straight out of the sleuth noir mould
Fidelma is a highly educated nun and lawyer
Fidelma is drawn entirely with straight lines
Fidelma is charged with solving the gruesome pagan murders of 33 young men
Fidelma is to deliver messages to his holiness and where eadulf will serve as scribe to archbishop
Fidelma is both a
Fidelma is asked to investigate
Fidelma is a worthwhile detective
Fidelma is called on to investigate the murder with brother eadulf
Fidelma is en
Fidelma is dalaigh
Fidelma is called upon to determine who the body is and how she met her untimely end
Fidelma is positively holmesian in her deductive abilities
Fidelma is to travel to araglin in the company of saxon monk
Fidelma is summoned back to her homeland of muman
Fidelma is a qualified dalaigh
Fidelma is surprised when etain tells her in confidence that she will soon resign as abbess to get married
Fidelma is responsible for the administrative aspects of nssm
Fidelma is course co
Fidelma is a charmer
Fidelma is caught up in another mystery
Fidelma is dispatched by her brother king colgu of cashel to negotiate with a chieftan for permission to build a christian church and school
Fidelma is a real
Fidelma is hardly a normal woman
Fidelma is a brehon and a nun in the mid 7th century
Fidelma is not just a religious¾she is also a dalaigh
Fidelma is a portrayal of her ignorance of all types of womanhood
Fidelma is quoted as saying
Fidelma is tops this series has always been one of the best of its genre
Fidelma is a highly regarded advocate and no mean detective in solving murders
Fidelma is a fully developed character
Fidelma is a nun
Fidelma is an irish religiuese of the 7th century ad who is also trained in the laws of the fenechus
Fidelma is a vote for women
Fidelma is even more interested in the rape and murder of a local girl
Fidelma is having some doubts as to her commitment to the religious life and her uneasy relationship with the saxon monk eadulf
Fidelma is asked to solve the mystery and by doing so somehow prevent the inevitable war
Fidelma is also completing the research for and writing of another book 'commercial law'
Fidelma is a valued member of the portlaw pipe band
Fidelma is determined to solve this most perplexing of puzzles before the ship reaches the shrine and
Fidelma is told that her faithful saxon companion
Fidelma is having some
Fidelma is an eighth century irish woman whose nobility gives her access to important people and whose duties as a judge include investigating crimes
Fidelma is fast becoming a world ambassador for ancient
Fidelma is fast becoming a world ambassador for
Fidelma is sister of an irish king
Fidelma is an irish brother cadfael
Fidelma is an irish religieuse of the 7th century ad
Fidelma is a former lecturer in marketing and management
Fidelma is also currently involved in the development of a number of television projects
Fidelma is summoned by the dying king of muman to explain the murder of a visiting scholar
Fidelma is called upon to solve a series of mysterious deaths on board a ship full of pilgrims heading for a shrine in iberia
Fidelma is not only a religieuse
Fidelma is sent to investigate
Fidelma is called upon to investigate the murder of abbess Étain
Fidelma is a seventh century investigator who must occasionally leave her nun's duties
Fidelma is indeed very particular about breeding and placing her pups
Fidelma is not simply a religieuse
Fidelma is finally able to put together the strange jigsaw in this tale of evil and vengeance
Fidelma is an affiliated member of the chartered institute of personnel development and the institute of legal executives
Fidelma is cool and the best in
Fidelma is an interesting main character
Fidelma is of royal blood and a woman highly trained in law in ireland
Fidelma is not so sure
Fidelma is an admirable spokeperson for the celtic view
Fidelma is called in as an advocate to ensure justice is done in the case of a murder
Fidelma is not only a nun from a convent founded by st
Fidelma is to deliver messages to his holiness and where
Fidelma is a judge—not at all unusual for women in ireland at this time
Fidelma is stonewalled
Fidelma is no cadfael
Fidelma is already aware bush isn't catholic
Fidelma is someone's brainchild? perhaps there's someone out there typing up their opinions
Fidelma is redheaded
Fidelma is in rome to have the rule of her religious house blessed by the pope
Fidelma is a teacher and part
Fidelma is called on
Fidelma is back for a third
Fidelma is no brother cadfael
Fidelma is the 11th of january
Fidelma is tall and green

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