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Googlism comments

Filch is not a wizard and
Filch is the current caretaker at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry
Filch is the current caretaker at hogwarts school of wizardry and witchcraft
Filch is the caretaker for hogwarts
Filch is an exceptional work
Filch is going to hijack crump's yacht and hold it and its passengers for ransom
Filch is the man for the job
Filch is better at that
Filch is the hogwarts caretaker
Filch is around
Filch is the
Filch is shown in a split second in a close up of malfoy
Filch is so eager to punish students because he is jealous
Filch is loathed by every student in hogwarts
Filch is surely not far behind
Filch is thinking about an appropriate punishment for harry
Filch is convinced harry did it since harry found out he's a squib
Filch is the caretaker
Filch is the ruthless caretaker at hogwarts
Filch is there and your in trouble
Filch is self explanatory
Filch is doing gaurd duty
Filch is engels voor stelen
Filch is exciting and unlike any other dice game
Filch is repairing several more broken locks
Filch is being harmed druing the making of this show
Filch is in the very first scene
Filch is a squib and hates the students
Filch is the name of the school's caretaker
Filch is on the lookout for all who might steal
Filch is the school caretaker
Filch is riveting theatre from masterful writer and performer angus cerini"
Filch is the hogwarts castle's caretaker
Filch is always pissed off
Filch is a staff with a hook at the end
Filch is
Filch is a squib and he isn't exactly thrilled
Filch is so twisted
Filch is the custodian and keeper of hogwarts
Filch is caught by peachum's men
Filch is the caretaker of hogwarts
Filch is scary
Filch is the caretaker of our school he's horrid because he always trying to find a reason to lose your house points
Filch is coming nearer
Filch is on harry's case because he thinks that he snuck out last night
Filch is the caretaker at the school
Filch is stalking about
Filch is that you?" "ohh
Filch is immediately alerted and comes running with mrs
Filch is one
Filch is very cranky
Filch is particularly distraught that harry knows he's a squib
Filch is in a very bad mood and blocking the way
Filch is distracted with the cat
Filch is always after me
Filch is watching you
Filch is really ugly and weird looking like in the movie
Filch is literally blind
Filch is the caretaker at hogwarts and he is a squib which is a person born of a wizarding family with no magical powers
Filch is absolutely great
Filch is the janitor at hogwarts and can be seen patrolling the halls at night
Filch is part bloodhound
Filch is a squib ? a person born into a wizarding family but who has no magic powers
Filch is on a nasty mood and nearly caught me and george here
Filch is the school's janitor and cannot perform magic
Filch is coming
Filch is extremely crafty and streetsmart
Filch is a squib
Filch is searching for lost students in the night…your only choice is to go back
Filch is taking the trio and draco down to hagrid for their detention
Filch is the caretaker at hogwarts
Filch is the care
Filch is chasing them after harry goes to duel with malfoy
Filch is very fond of hot chocolate
Filch is the care keeper at hogwarts
Filch is gone
Filch is outside

Nickname Filch

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