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Googlism comments

Firaxis is
Firaxis is immune to probes
Firaxis is four years old
Firaxis is also adding a variety of short play modes
Firaxis is also known for alien crossfire and antietam
Firaxis is responsible for titles as sid meier?s civilization iii
Firaxis is sort of like the fiery wheel of creativity or invention
Firaxis is revising the game
Firaxis is doing everything they can to deliver a multiplayer patch
Firaxis is responsible for such critically acclaimed titles as sid meier's civilization iii
Firaxis is independent and closely held
Firaxis is a hunt valley
Firaxis is a tightly
Firaxis is a somewhat promising new company that might
Firaxis is a fusion of 'fiery' and 'axis
Firaxis is trying to remove the traditional divide between turn
Firaxis is another turn
Firaxis is confident that the gettysburg community will be interested enough in antietam to keep sales high
Firaxis is publishing the next x
Firaxis is seeking some beta testers for future patches and updates to civ3
Firaxis is that they will be doing another civil war game based on the battle of antietam
Firaxis is adding a feudal japanese tile set
Firaxis is unaffected as well
Firaxis is entering into a publishing agreement with hasbro
Firaxis is home of the likes of civilization greats sid meier and brian reynolds? and hasbro now owns microprose
Firaxis is making use of the research and some graphics created for the aborted sid meier?s dinosaurs project
Firaxis is going back to the civil war with sid meier's antietam
Firaxis is self
Firaxis is a game development company started by sid meier
Firaxis is best known as the company founded by legendary strategy game developer sid meier
Firaxis is offering a free download of the new south mountain scenarios from their website at www
Firaxis is trying to reach
Firaxis is here
Firaxis is taking advice from mumbojumbo
Firaxis is breaking new ground in combat
Firaxis is most excited about "the enhanced trade system
Firaxis is not 3do
Firaxis is also doing their best to give the fans proper support
Firaxis is temporarily putting their racing add
Firaxis is known for civilization iii
Firaxis is taking gamers comments seriously on the development of the game and has even set up an area on their website to take comments on
Firaxis is also stressing how the different ages will factor into these modes
Firaxis is to create games that have
Firaxis is planned to be able to control all types of the magic
Firaxis is still checking up on us from time to time
Firaxis is the egyptians
Firaxis is "working on some cool multiplayer concepts that will take a fresh
Firaxis is going to add some units
Firaxis is making its linux debut
Firaxis is concentrating most notably on diplomacy and combat
Firaxis is going to give you the chance to find out
Firaxis is doing to make the game great is making the units be in 3d
Firaxis is getting the buzz about its new game going as early as possible
Firaxis is just another
Firaxis is thumbing its nose at their complaints about smac
Firaxis is hard at work on the game
Firaxis is providing on the www
Firaxis is going to release a scenario editor with anteitam
Firaxis is not going to give it the chance i believe it deserves
Firaxis is so much more talented than to keep a legacy going
Firaxis is the new company formed by sid meier after he left microprose
Firaxis is coming out with a third installment in the civilization line
Firaxis is giving three such new talents a big foot in the door
Firaxis is now sharing sid's "dino diaries" on their web site
Firaxis is brian reynolds
Firaxis is working hard on alpha centauri
Firaxis is actually playing against me
Firaxis is very interested in civilization iii having an active mod community
Firaxis is still
Firaxis is the publisher of this title
Firaxis is uitgekomen voor linux
Firaxis is an entertainment software development house comprised of game designers
Firaxis is het bedrijf van sid meier
Firaxis is sid meier's new company after he left microprose
Firaxis is putting out civilization iii soon though
Firaxis is now hiring
Firaxis is widely recognized for
Firaxis is giving the first look at the upcoming
Firaxis is currently working on two games
Firaxis is holding a sim golf contest
Firaxis is to be commended for bringing it to a wider public

Nickname Firaxis

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