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Googlism comments

Fuu is very lucky ^
Fuu is just so cute with her bouncy blond hair
Fuu is the magic knight whose powers come from air
Fuu is a cinderella figure
Fuu is the most intelligent of the girls and often makes jokes that are rather morbid
Fuu is the third magic knight
Fuu is a strategist
Fuu is the quietest and gentlest of the three magic knights
Fuu is now known as little_kid ahhhahaa hahaha * little_kid gulps it down _o_ ;d~~~ yessss *** little_kid is now known as drunken_Fuu
Fuu is really sweet and is probably the most sensible out of the magic knights
Fuu is biased
Fuu is designed for field wear and should be loose fitting and comfortable
Fuu is considered to be the quiet
Fuu is the smart
Fuu is an autonomous robot designed for an honors freshmen engineering course
Fuu is
Fuu is my favorite magic knight
Fuu is her kind and compassionate eyes
Fuu is a breezy ditz who
Fuu is a shy girl who comes into her own during the trio's arduous journey
Fuu is the most quite and soft spoken of the magic knights
Fuu is seen as an alternative to the ordinary competence conferring courses
Fuu is so formal
Fuu is basically shoved into the background in season two
Fuu is less inclined to take the leader's role in group situations
Fuu is prepared to cooperate ?with a large spectrum of political forces? in the future parliament
Fuu is a necessity
Fuu is an archer capable of healing and organic magic
Fuu is introvert yet still cares for her friends a lot
Fuu is the only one who learns cure spells but knows few offensive spells
Fuu is the best
Fuu is the most intelegent of the group
Fuu is wearing something my llama friend would wear
Fuu is very brave
Fuu is kind of shy and she is very smart
Fuu is especially safe
Fuu is men niet over één nacht ijs gegaan
Fuu is the least attched to her color
Fuu is always smiling
Fuu is definitely the brains of the "save emeraude" operation
Fuu is standing in the hallway when ferio walks up to her
Fuu is very immature
Fuu is a fan of rpg
Fuu is confronted with herself
Fuu is the feathered member of the trio of travellers
Fuu is the next to get her ovum and sees the truth that all things eventually die
Fuu is supposed to be mature
Fuu is 14 years old
Fuu is the magic knight of wind
Fuu is busy jumping on a board that just so happens to have clef under it
Fuu is probably one of the dorkier characters in the show
Fuu is yet to come
Fuu is the intelligent one of the group
Fuu is finally able to
Fuu is a chemical engineering major thinking about a double
Fuu is the leader of the storm gym on pocket bishoujo
Fuu is just a 14 year old girl
Fuu is dina
Fuu is very smart and at first treats her trip to cephiro something like d&d come to life
Fuu is the most polite and proper of the magic kights
Fuu is of average height
Fuu is my favorite posts
Fuu is also a character that i use to represent myself
Fuu is one of the most cheerful characters that i've come across
Fuu is very tricky
Fuu is mainly about using magic
Fuu is more of a ditzy airhead who is kinda forward and to the point
Fuu is the smartest and most practical of the group
Fuu is the 3rd and final magic knight
Fuu is to better my skills at visual communication and expand my basis for getting ideas
Fuu is a 14
Fuu is © jax
Fuu is worthy to control him? who will it be today? episode 16
Fuu is a shy and quiet girl
Fuu is from magic knight rayearth
Fuu is the coolest 2 sat may 04 2002
Fuu is giving birth
Fuu is one of the characters we would have shot
Fuu is always depressed
Fuu is a genius who states the obvious waaaaay more than she needs too
Fuu is wind
Fuu is feeling as she is buried in the surf of hunters
Fuu is still smart
Fuu is jennifer flowers
Fuu is right umi
Fuu is quiet and compassionate and sometimes seem bland
Fuu is polite
Fuu is the scholar among the three girls and the most respectful
Fuu is gentle and intelligent
Fuu is an archer
Fuu is probably the one with the most brains out of the three magic knights

Nickname Fuu

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