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Googlism comments

GDI is revising the hpiii
GDI is looking to the future
GDI is dc
GDI is the mechanism that has been used for many years by microsoft
GDI is about to process a call to its abortdoc function
GDI is making the synchronization request
GDI is an ideal "bolt
GDI is made up of a group of consultants who all bring specific skills and expertise to our developments
GDI is not just any internet service provider
GDI is so weak in the dragon lair map
GDI is better than nod
GDI is the main interface to communicate with an instance of a qmaster for each client and server application which is part of the grid engine distribution
GDI is based upon the internal data struc
GDI is a current intelligence information product that provides your organization with up to the minute
GDI is composed of abstracts from articles of print journals
GDI is dedicated to delivering the highest level of quality and service to the broadband industry at a competitive price
GDI is fully licensed by the government of the netherlands antilles to accept and process internet and telephone wagers
GDI is known to undergo a ferromagnetic transition close to room temperature
GDI is to promote dialogue in the broadest sense among individuals and groups of different religions and cultures
GDI is a GDI that acts specifically on the rab subfamily of small gtpases
GDI is similar to hdi in that it represents the degree to which basic capabilities have been extended
GDI is slower than overlay
GDI is expected based on sequence homology
GDI is all about power
GDI is short for goddess damned independents
GDI is worried about is saving the world for humanity
GDI is
GDI is a graphics
GDI is thought to solubilize the prenylated proteins and regulate their association with cellular membranes
GDI is conditioning the grid voltage
GDI is harnessed to enable a viable idling
GDI is a new standard in petrol engines and is a trademark of mitsubishi motors corporation
GDI is the graphics device interface
GDI is located in the cytoplasm and is involved in the regulation of the membrane asoociation and dissociation cycle of rho / rac proteins
GDI is the original windows 2d graphics interface
GDI is one of the fastest growing companies in the usa and is emerging as a global leader in the it consulting industry
GDI is responsible for the inherited
GDI is an api developed by microsoft
GDI is a measure of gender equity
GDI is an engine
GDI is to use pseudo
GDI is supported on sun
GDI is excited to announce that we are now running a special on our lifeline dialup plan
GDI is pleased to report the results of our popular technical seminar program which has been performed for various cities are proving to be a success
GDI is to prevent and stop crises and conflicts between countries all over the world
GDI is the largest summer high school debate institute in the northwest and among the best in the nation
GDI is doing it
GDI is looking to employ the connection to offer services beyond those already featured in
GDI is growing faster than gdp
GDI is een afkorting van gasoline direct injection
GDI is that windows 3
GDI is to get the device context to the screen and bit blast it to a bitmap in memory
GDI is a way to work with paining graphic objects such as painting on windows
GDI is pre
GDI is limited to 143 countries
GDI is a small and forward
GDI is powered by a talented team of engineers
GDI is developing new weapons in an effort to finish off the brotherhood
GDI is a collaboration of organizations involved in drylands development
GDI is really pissed off now
GDI is a transpro
GDI is nothing more than an abstract layer between the developer of a windows
GDI is an impressive engine that makes it possible for the new lancer to increase the power of the engines over previous models whilst reducing emissions
GDI is growing by product line extensions in the us and europe where it is also extending geographically
GDI is complete in the sense that it will
GDI is the backing store mode
GDI is an old and well known acronym for "god damn independent" for those who find offense to those words
GDI is a leader in partnering with clients to achieve breakthrough performance through the intelligent use of information technology
GDI is developing irm suite®
GDI is big
GDI is simply the hdi discounted
GDI is a trademark of mitsubishi motors corporation
GDI is headquartered in carlsbad
GDI is not now
GDI is a windows subsystem for working with graphical devices like display
GDI is not the 'holy grail' it may appear
GDI is that it is bandwidth hungry
GDI is to slow
GDI is a leading provider of products and services for fortune 1000 companies
GDI is a new standard in petrol engines
GDI is the graphic engine that windows applications use to display and manipulate graphics
GDI is intended for use with applications and thus lacks the speed required for games
GDI is used by most windows applications to display images on a monitor

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