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Googlism comments

Geekboy is that she has discovered the secret that Geekboys make the perfect mates
Geekboy is a 32 year old father living in connecticut
Geekboy is awake a playin on his puter yet
Geekboy is taking me to see christopher titus for my birthday
Geekboy is that he's very handy
Geekboy is going over to her place tonight with the cousin
Geekboy is the latest to post one of 10 thoughts
Geekboy is sitting on the ledge and has heard the entire conversation
Geekboy is too lazy to actually type the link out correctly
Geekboy is driving home and gets a call on his cellphone saying that
Geekboy is my name allright
Geekboy is geeks
Geekboy is seeking to reduce his costs by theft
Geekboy is >encouraged to think "i wonder if she'll go me when he
Geekboy is encouraged to think "i wonder if she'll go me when he
Geekboy is on my
Geekboy is very good at computers but a total dumb ass when it comes to common sense

Nickname Geekboy

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