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Googlism comments

Gemmel is doctor in applied economics
Gemmel is able to create charactors and worlds that appear real enough to care about
Gemmel is an attractive 23 year old
Gemmel is urging starfleet command to consider griston's demands
Gemmel is preliminarily a fantasy writer
Gemmel is one of those authors that hits you in phases
Gemmel is the first to admit that even implementing all of these techniques won't guarantee 100
Gemmel is absolutely bloody brilliant
Gemmel is member of the supervisory board of midray ag and deputy chairman of the telecommunications committee of bitkom
Gemmel is
Gemmel is staying out due to a minor hamstring strain
Gemmel is a staff audiologist at nmc portsmouth
Gemmel is a new audiologist on staff at navy hospital
Gemmel is in the mains some 26 years later
Gemmel is said to be from the house of horsehill which lies just to the west of midland farm
Gemmel is one of the worst authors in the genre i've read
Gemmel is one of the worst fantasy writers i've read in a long time
Gemmel is truly a great story teller who has the ability to tell vivid worlds in just a few worlds
Gemmel is professor at the faculty of economics and business administration at ghent university as well as at the vlerick leuven ghent management school
Gemmel is also the author of legend and the king beyond the gate
Gemmel is charming
Gemmel is appearing in a question and answer session at wednesbury library
Gemmel is listed on
Gemmel is a vice
Gemmel is on the conference executive committee
Gemmel is released
Gemmel is president of glidepath
Gemmel is the 84
Gemmel is a rehabilitated criminal and currently assistant director of kids killing kids
Gemmel is the president and chief operating officer of the company
Gemmel is common amongst the tinker
Gemmel is barthes
Gemmel is a legendary british fantasy author
Gemmel is because for so long
Gemmel is the leader of the african rally championship after winning the event's four rounds so far
Gemmel is one of britain's best fantasy writers
Gemmel is god
Gemmel is összeegyeztethe
Gemmel is serving as the first forks township manager
Gemmel is quickest in this exciting class
Gemmel is professor at the faculty of economics and business administration at
Gemmel is a genius
Gemmel is amazing
Gemmel is a representative from lubrizol and will be presenting the product they intend to use
Gemmel is a skilled and could make a character eating dinner readable
Gemmel is?" wondered ardweden
Gemmel is good
Gemmel is the lady roughies' top threat
Gemmel is simply the best athlete we've faced
Gemmel is great as well
Gemmel is a republican
Gemmel is coming to appreciate the stoic deadliness of his warriors
Gemmel is een van de beste britse fantasyschrijvers
Gemmel is? thanks for your help
Gemmel is #36
Gemmel is a very tall
Gemmel is a very popular author of what has been termed "heroic fantasy"
Gemmel is a very interesting mono only art program from ~~~~~ germany

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