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Googlism comments

Greggor is dead
Greggor is wiry dark and swarthy half
Greggor is a fickle god
Greggor is a taurus
Greggor is supposedly the go
Greggor is a barbarian
Greggor is born feb
Greggor is a stronger
Greggor is
Greggor is single and liking it for the time being
Greggor is going to run a detect evil
Greggor is just starting a whirlwind tour of all the practices he can reach within the kingdom
Greggor is a motherless bitch that claims to be his cousin and next to kin
Greggor is crowned the 33rd duke of the house tregaron by his uncle arthyr in the field
Greggor is waved over and another brandy is ordered
Greggor is expecting you at the house
Greggor is the new miss co usa
Greggor is sorting out subsistance etc
Greggor is even worse
Greggor is going to be joining us for some commentary
Greggor is still playing hockey and is smooth as perry como
Greggor is the militant arm of the church of the mother
Greggor is tasked with learning all they can of the demons so they can destroy them

Nickname Greggor

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