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Googlism comments

Grue is rad
Grue is an artificial predicate
Grue is a shadow incarnate
Grue is a homeless woman with a bum leg who just turned 67
Grue is facing a maximum sentence of a year in jail and a $2
Grue is likely to eat that coffee <tieboy> Grue <Grue> plus
Grue is
Grue is tucked into a shady garden
Grue is a lean goblin
Grue is connected to the following things
Grue is connected to because
Grue is also sometimes defined notably by goodman himself as green if observed before t
Grue is actually an implementor
Grue is either both an emerald
Grue is not also blue
Grue is hiding here
Grue is a sinister
Grue is presented
Grue is reeving
Grue is such a property
Grue is a monster best described by the hacker jargon
Grue is not here
Grue is now in
Grue is played by gm raspberry
Grue is to feel terror or horror
Grue is a meat loaf
Grue is a very supportive and mysterious character
Grue is either insane or just a fair op
Grue is father of two
Grue is munching on your toe
Grue is mean and bad tempered
Grue is pointing out
Grue is defined as green before the year 2000
Grue is currently online; via radon
Grue is the bitter significant other of the forest man captain cully who joins the unicorn simply because she has waited all her life to see
Grue is defined as follows
Grue is a nave sort of apollonian figure
Grue is scary
Grue is an eclectic collection with subjects ranging as far as imagination can carry the poet
Grue is described thus
Grue is almost a mirror of his personality
Grue is not yet incapacitated
Grue is the color of an object at time t if the object is green and t is before the beginning of the year 2000 or the object is blue and t is on or after the
Grue is as projectible as green
Grue is implied
Grue is signaled by creating a file containing a list of files to archive
Grue is either loved by all or just invisible
Grue is highly effective
Grue is around

Nickname Grue

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