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Googlism comments

Gwai is waiting
Gwai is a heortling merchant
Gwai is about one mile long and very narrow
Gwai is the national
Gwai is a place of destruction at the moment
Gwai is as obvious to any chinese
Gwai is not generally advised as it can create a plethora of problems described in the con's section below
Gwai is also known as dai ma Gwai cho
Gwai is also defeated by this woman warrior in a duel
Gwai is named as the next leader of coy bong
Gwai is reappointed as chief
Gwai is investigating whether ching ching's is a accomplish of lee lai ying
Gwai is very annoyed at her mother in
Gwai is 'n sigaret
Gwai is a rascal and decides to use a even more scoundrelly idea to fight him
Gwai is played by one of the two big
Gwai is the name of the huge sculpture done by bill reid and standing the courtyard of the canadian embassy in washington
Gwai is our princess of ithilien
Gwai is so innocent
Gwai is ghost
Gwai is zan's prostitute char _danster_
Gwai is now known as ptclanssuck we love u very very much Gwai
Gwai is always turning bad
Gwai is a rather reserved and self

Nickname Gwai

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