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Googlism comments

Hijiki is a seaweed
Hijiki is one of several types of seaweed that are imported to canada for human consumption
Hijiki is a light brown sea vegetable which grows in shallow waters
Hijiki is a type of seaweed that has a slight licorice flavor to it
Hijiki is soaking
Hijiki is harvested in
Hijiki is the richest food source of calcium
Hijiki is cooking
Hijiki is drying on the road
Hijiki is also a source of iron
Hijiki is the most potent sea vegetable
Hijiki is only a japanese seaweed as far as i know
Hijiki is tender
Hijiki is not available
Hijiki is black
Hijiki is a favorite of many sea vegetable enthusiasts
Hijiki is rich
Hijiki is a kind of edible seaweed that grows in clusters in rocky areas along the coastlines
Hijiki is recommended to help stabilize the blood sugar level
Hijiki is tender to the tooth
Hijiki is a mineral
Hijiki is too long
Hijiki is harmful
Hijiki is enjoyed by natural foods cooks worldwide
Hijiki is a black seaweed rich in calcium and iron
Hijiki is a stringy
Hijiki is the entree to be prepared by chefs tom mcnary and mima lecocq of carried away catering
Hijiki is usually used in salads
Hijiki is imported from japan but also grows off the coast of maine
Hijiki is about 1020 percent protein
Hijiki is widely available in health food stores
Hijiki is behind assassination attempts
Hijiki is not something that a lot of people know a lot about
Hijiki is a kind of alga plant which long grow in the shallow sea
Hijiki is a fat
Hijiki is great cooked with julienne carrots and seasoned with soy sauce and mirin
Hijiki is fearr
Hijiki is a kind of alga plant which long grows in the shallow sea
Hijiki is a type of seaweed; it looks like fat black strands of hair
Hijiki is usually distributed in dried form
Hijiki is a marina alga
Hijiki is usu
Hijiki is sweetened considerably when cooked with onions and also combines well with root vegetables
Hijiki is usually cooked with tempeh or tofu
Hijiki is gathered in the deep ocean waters off * the coast of ise peninsula
Hijiki is also good in salads
Hijiki is stringy seaweed that dos not look or smell like typical seaweed yet it is high in nutrition
Hijiki is great on its own
Hijiki is thicker and has stronger flavour than arame
Hijiki is an excellent source of calcium and iron
Hijiki is cooked in soups
Hijiki is gathered in those parts
Hijiki is a dried
Hijiki is a rich source of riboflavin
Hijiki is especially good for this problem
Hijiki is okay
Hijiki is a plotter
Hijiki is high in calcium

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