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Googlism comments

Huggles is henry's favorite childhood author
Huggles is trusted by
Huggles is an 18" huggable
Huggles is a 14" soft plush bear
Huggles is such a funny word ^_^
Huggles is my bear
Huggles is our resident reindeer
Huggles is the irish teddy bear
Huggles is the ghost of a penguin that lives by the bathroom
Huggles is a favorite of the children around the arkansas state fair
Huggles is awaiting for the guests; he tells jeeves to go get his daughter emilia but then he decides
Huggles is a spotted rabbit with short ears
Huggles is presenting hitman with his belt while erin rose enters with a microphone
Huggles is knocked senseless
Huggles is a combination of
Huggles is bad
Huggles is a pc chat thing
Huggles is a bear
Huggles is*
Huggles is in
Huggles is

Nickname Huggles

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