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Googlism comments

Hwguy is no more
Hwguy is no slower than the soldier
Hwguy is slow but strong
Hwguy is a walking
Hwguy is best for defense
Hwguy is great as an offensive or defensive player
Hwguy is usually the class recommended for beginners
Hwguy is that of someone getting close to you and
Hwguy is always handy to have around
Hwguy is to flame him
Hwguy is pretty hopeless when stationed by the teleport
Hwguy is very slow
Hwguy is not a burden
Hwguy is also cool the engineer can use his "tool"
Hwguy is not affected by concussion grenade while firing
Hwguy is a tough opponent
Hwguy is stronger than the normal man is
Hwguy is good for defense on its own and great for attacking when with others
Hwguy is the all purpose tool of death in either defense or offense
Hwguy is one of the most difficult classes to play
Hwguy is too slow to dodge infecting medics and spamming demomen
Hwguy is outrunning a scout and not jumping he is cheating
Hwguy is by far the strongest class
Hwguy is that the ac needs to be much louder
Hwguy is now been overpowered to the point where i just set "cr_Hwguy
Hwguy is not even that stupid because this gun just consumes their armor like hell
Hwguy is the slowest in the game
Hwguy is a good class for newbies to get started on
Hwguy is exactly the same as before
Hwguy is moving too fast
Hwguy is still there
Hwguy is crap and the pyro is crap
Hwguy is wearing a dirty undershirt and looks like a gay tom arnold
Hwguy is actually a class that will kick our butts
Hwguy is near a
Hwguy is near a teammate
Hwguy is good
Hwguy is thrown slightly less by explosions
Hwguy is sitting on their front lawn
Hwguy is essentially a walking tank
Hwguy is an easy target to faster units and snipers especially
Hwguy is his extremely slow foot speed
Hwguy is a real team fortress class
Hwguy is a impressive threat
Hwguy is not at full strength when he starts on most maps
Hwguy is dumb enough to want to try a long range fight when you've got some cover to duck behind
Hwguy is really slow so he is usually used for guarding a certain
Hwguy is faster
Hwguy is really effective defender
Hwguy is stronger than its predecessors
Hwguy is a complete waste of code
Hwguy is easier with a medic
Hwguy is chewing on you
Hwguy is improved a bit

Nickname Hwguy

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