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Googlism comments

Ilsensine is enough to tear away the mind of those who dare to
Ilsensine is the deity of illithid dominance and superiority
Ilsensine is the main deity worshipped by the mind flayers
Ilsensine is the dark god of the mind flayers
Ilsensine is a mental/spiritual deity manifesting as a glowing green brain; the power itself has an infinite number of tentacles of infinite length which
Ilsensine is a power
Ilsensine is it true that huckleberries enhance a persons prowess and that phred 'needs' them
Ilsensine is too high to be taken
Ilsensine is form from the union of elder brains and in the
Ilsensine is the one true master of the illithids?
Ilsensine is here

Nickname Ilsensine

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