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Googlism comments

IrcNet is one of the biggest network available using the protocol irc
IrcNet is organized into a number of bodies
IrcNet is an irc network that split of the large efnet some years ago
IrcNet is plagued by the activities of organized gangs of hooligans harassing users and channels with practical immunity
IrcNet is now owned by local internet provider hotkey gold coast
IrcNet is open as usual
IrcNet is an understanding of and compliance to the above rules
IrcNet is one of the biggest irc networks out there
IrcNet is open
IrcNet is het meest populaire irc
IrcNet is reccomended due to the fact that you will find most of the channel regulars there
IrcNet is the preferred irc network for the internet villa fans
IrcNet is a 95% chatnetwork
IrcNet is due to loboloco
IrcNet is bad in north america
IrcNet is
IrcNet is administrated by operators
IrcNet is one of the major networks in the world
IrcNet is one of the main 4 big irc networks
IrcNet is dus meer dan alleen maar een bankrekening van mensen die denken dat de hoogte van het bedrag op hun bankrekening het bewijs van hun bestaan is
IrcNet is popular among japanese ruby folks <knu> so they can easily join the channel <knu> without connecting to another network <alecx> otoh
IrcNet is the world's 2nd largest irc network and currently boasts over 50 servers world
IrcNet is a channel weaverslave
IrcNet is very tough to join
IrcNet is currently the 2nd largest network with an average user count of
IrcNet is currently the second most popular irc network regularly having over a hundred thousand users
IrcNet is a channel made by the tux
IrcNet is probably the same size if not larger than undernet
IrcNet is the only server to send nick
IrcNet is 2
IrcNet is 248
IrcNet is a much more popular network for amiga users and this may have been a better network ro base the channel on
IrcNet is pants and we were unable to run the bots
IrcNet is er #linux
IrcNet is not allowed and will be blocked by systray
IrcNet is no longer a viable irc server backbone for a project such as wine were people all over the world need to talk
IrcNet is dying as many companies are fed up with loosing uptime because of it
IrcNet is a worldwide irc network
IrcNet is a channel #weaverslave
IrcNet is zuh
IrcNet is not the same thing as #beginner on dalnet
IrcNet is infested with people who seem to have nothing to do but bothering other users
IrcNet is mostly european
IrcNet is currently unavailable webmaster@irc
IrcNet is er ook het kanaal #cu2
IrcNet is just a command
IrcNet is down in population nowadays
IrcNet is da best channel in da world
IrcNet is no longer the official atc
IrcNet is baaad
IrcNet is always quiet around christmas and
IrcNet is't iig niet
IrcNet is my base though
IrcNet is a common gathering ground for people from all over the country
IrcNet is a good place to start
IrcNet is blocked on our servers

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