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Googlism comments

Ithil is extremely intelligent
Ithil is dead
Ithil is recaptured and the seven years long siege of mordor is begun
Ithil is active only during the night
Ithil is under fire from the gondorian army
Ithil is another great artist who has a very stylised flair to her art which is beautiful
Ithil is a big mistake
Ithil is now called minas morgul
Ithil is not available to open locks
Ithil is stepping down as leader of Ithilien
Ithil is captured and delivered to sauron
Ithil is lost
Ithil is not a variant of the definite article "the"
Ithil is retaken and named "minas morgul" and minas anor is renamed "minas tirith"
Ithil is still a free city
Ithil is captured
Ithil is
Ithil is minas morgul geworden
Ithil is rising over the anduin
Ithil is retaken
Ithil is a class s05
Ithil is short and heavily muscled in human
Ithil is yet held by the Úlairi

Nickname Ithil

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