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Googlism comments

Iulia is an anciest town
Iulia is appreciated by the architecture specialists as the most valuable monument of architecture in transylvania
Iulia is a lady of noble birth
Iulia is a small school offering a professional programme
Iulia is a modern city
Iulia is caught in the great revolutions
Iulia is gebouwd op de plaats waar eerst de basilica sempronia stond
Iulia is truly a city marked by destiny
Iulia is undoubtedly one of these well
Iulia is zeker geen stad om zomaar voorbij te rijden
Iulia is distinguished as one of the most beautiful romanian towns
Iulia is aliue
Iulia is the site of the ancient apulum
Iulia is an adjective derived from a stem iul
Iulia is divided into fifteen archdeaconries all lead by an archdeacon nominated by the bishop
Iulia is a good student
Iulia is a little more big city than blaj
Iulia is a stupid girl
Iulia is the youngest member of the gens
Iulia is the symbol of the romanians' unification
Iulia is the town where the union of transylvania and the rest of the country was realised
Iulia is located on the site of an ancient dacian fortress
Iulia is by now caught in the trap of an irreversible disease
Iulia is nothing more than
Iulia is drinking one of
Iulia is one of the richest folklore areas of transylvania
Iulia is +10
Iulia is about to attend prep courses in moscow now open to women
Iulia is the best
Iulia is sure that the police have detained her husband illegally
Iulia is born; nero
Iulia is a standard
Iulia is mistakenly located west of the pantheon
Iulia is the dacian ancestor of the town
Iulia is a seeing
Iulia is the capital of alba county
Iulia is a town in central transylvania
Iulia is a late naming
Iulia is where the unification of romania was declared twice
Iulia is in the transylvania region of romania
Iulia is
Iulia is de enorme cetate
Iulia is ranked 20 and has played for 4h19m in 31 days real name

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