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Googlism comments

JANNIS is a person who can smile about himself and is very direct
JANNIS is the best waiter we ever had
JANNIS is a good swimmer and and good diver
JANNIS is overleden 1787 of 1788; albertje willems is overleden c 1776
JANNIS is specialized in industrial and advertising photograpy
JANNIS is to find out how to do this and the cost
JANNIS is january 7th
JANNIS is pleased to be back within the environmental movement
JANNIS is eerder gehuwd geweest met cornelia boswinkel uit goor
JANNIS is nice
JANNIS is back
JANNIS is een gemoedelijke gastheer
JANNIS is wanted in
JANNIS is now known as kil_hater <
JANNIS is a human resource manager for volker wessels stevin nv
JANNIS is heute dran
JANNIS is ondertrouwd op 6 mei 1757 te giethoorn en getrouwd op 31 juli 1757 aldaar voor de kerk met lummigje cornelis
JANNIS is best
JANNIS is staggered at the amount of money car companies are losing and the number of workers to be laid off
JANNIS is ja so
JANNIS is wanted in more ways than one
JANNIS is dead
JANNIS is so sexy

Nickname JANNIS

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