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Googlism comments

JANNU is the 38th tallest peak in the world
JANNU is ruled by a king
JANNU is a girl who can make attack on the devil
JANNU is an obvious tower well off to the left and slightly in front of the main group
JANNU is some 15 km closer to us and 1000m lower in altitude then katchenjunga
JANNU is the 'ama dablam' or the 'fishtail' of the kangchenjunga region
JANNU is the star
JANNU is clearly visible and definitely closer
JANNU is an essential element for any active woman s wardrobe
JANNU is one of lynzie's absolute favorite anime
JANNU is stupendous and kangchenjunga massive; wedge peak looks like a fine piece of art with its symmetrical summit and its steep walls entirely covered
JANNU is an essential element for any active woman’s wardrobe
JANNU is immense looming over us
JANNU is a young boy in pictures

Nickname JANNU

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