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Googlism comments

Jaffa is situated on a slightly elevated stretch of the palestinian coast
Jaffa is military occupied by israel since 1948
Jaffa is now a part of modern tel aviv
Jaffa is very ancient
Jaffa is one of the world's oldest cities
Jaffa is a palestinian town captured by the jews
Jaffa is said to be in "palestine"
Jaffa is counted as part of the concept tel aviv
Jaffa is made into one municipality
Jaffa is older than the city of jerusalem
Jaffa is an historic treasure
Jaffa is three to four times the national average
Jaffa is a part of modern tel aviv
Jaffa is a must for every tourist's itinerary
Jaffa is one of the more ancient cities in israel
Jaffa is implicated in the murder since they had argued earlier
Jaffa is located in ?old Jaffa? a picturesque neighborhood in south
Jaffa is a unique gastronomic experience
Jaffa is a popular tourist destination because of its beautifully restored old quarter filled with galleries
Jaffa is dubious
Jaffa is not a young
Jaffa is where christian civilisation began
Jaffa is a european variety
Jaffa is israel's second largest urban center
Jaffa is obviously stuck on the slavery question
Jaffa is blissfully unaware that there is much doubt that hitler ever said this
Jaffa is the oldest port in the world and was first used by the canaanites for several centuries
Jaffa is still a great place to start your trip to israel
Jaffa is the only port in the world which can boast uninterrupted inhabitation throughout its entire existence
Jaffa is one of the world's most ancient cities
Jaffa is mentioned as far back as the 16th century bce
Jaffa is an integral part of tel aviv
Jaffa is a distinguished fellow of the claremont institute
Jaffa is difficult
Jaffa is an important home port for the limestone coast lobster industry
Jaffa is clearly more important
Jaffa is an ancient port city
Jaffa is also a city in northern italy
Jaffa is a fascinating place to wander around
Jaffa is situated in the region joshua gave to the tribe of dan and it is one of the oldest cities in the world
Jaffa is distinguished fellow of the claremont institute
Jaffa is looking for a new home
Jaffa is one of sabra's six pups
Jaffa is at the bottom line of the arab education system
Jaffa is at a crossroads
Jaffa is a pleasent trip
Jaffa is a very large blue merle
Jaffa is named for andromeda
Jaffa is nestled on the southern tip of lacepede bay
Jaffa is
Jaffa is now a popular destination for evening strollers
Jaffa is a very sweet cat
Jaffa is going through a lot of changes
Jaffa is a very handsome neutered male
Jaffa is a question of style
Jaffa is just simply magic
Jaffa is built upon a cliff
Jaffa is located on the strip of land that juts out into the sea just south of tel
Jaffa is the main tourist attraction in tel aviv
Jaffa is a hive of activity during the southern rock lobster fishing season
Jaffa is charged with the direction and management of the overall operations at safeguard properties
Jaffa is at his very best in demolishing the currently fashionable argument that the ideal of equality was not part of the american constitutional system from
Jaffa is located
Jaffa is full of beans again after producing five puppies in august
Jaffa is here to encourage the death of pop music
Jaffa is tevens een verzamelplaats van artiesten die hun werk in kunstgalerijen en hoogwaardige ambachtswinkeltjes ten toon stellen
Jaffa is at his most virile
Jaffa is a very enthusiatic cabin and interested in the different activities that they have participated in so far
Jaffa is just down the road from tel aviv
Jaffa is the place ? now before the rush
Jaffa is a seaport
Jaffa is open 11
Jaffa is actually attached to tel aviv
Jaffa is a city of contrasts
Jaffa is a behavioral and marketing psychologist and creative problem
Jaffa is the oldest and perhaps most famous of the ports along the israelís coast
Jaffa is the most intellectually rigorous
Jaffa is open continuously
Jaffa is rather eager to escape and tell apophis where they
Jaffa is mentioned in the bible as a city within the original tribal boundaries of dan
Jaffa is just outside tel aviv
Jaffa is still the same good they know
Jaffa is really a figment of the imagination
Jaffa is an old
Jaffa is a quaint seaside port renown by anglers and boating enthusiasts
Jaffa is a predominantly arab neighborhood
Jaffa is not yet done

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