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Googlism comments

Jails is a daily phenomenon
Jails is extremely variable
Jails is underway author
Jails is a well
Jails is that uids and gids are local to each jail environment
Jails is about 71
Jails is an organization that works both publicly and secretly to obtain housing for the homeless
Jails is one primary reason for corrections cost
Jails is hazardous and is based on a profound misunderstanding of the roles that inmate
Jails is also high
Jails is that we
Jails is hitting unprecedented levels
Jails is limited
Jails is also encouraging people to squat in a two
Jails is housing people who are homeless through direct action
Jails is predictable and preventable
Jails is a violation of their basic human rights
Jails is developing and test a promising approach to providing access to quality end
Jails is conducted approximately every five years
Jails is to do something useful in the brief periods of time during short sentences and pre
Jails is more than
Jails is expensive and does not solve anything
Jails is not made to protect the ins
Jails is at http
Jails is occupying this building because san francisco should not be letting vacant buildings sit there while people are dying on the streets
Jails is costing about $84
Jails is fraught with serious delays in access to doctors
Jails is targeting abandoned buildings that could be inhabitable and are under
Jails is a scandal
Jails is using miniature
Jails is difficult enough; in the closed world of the juvenile system it is near on impossible
Jails is a unique function of counties
Jails is taking direct action as part of the inaugural protests because we see the current administration's
Jails is committed to creating communities within houses and within neighborhoods that are based on
Jails is also active
Jails is 7
Jails is 17
Jails is conducted every 5 years
Jails is cruel
Jails is presented in this section
Jails is realizing that our actions have an impact
Jails is quoted in
Jails is a temporary fix
Jails is just a small fraction of people who have committed
Jails is a convicted murderer
Jails is not a new york prisoner
Jails is reflective of "how correctional building design has evolved and become more efficient over time
Jails is getting used to the technology
Jails is 28
Jails is reminiscent of nazi crimes against humanity
Jails is present
Jails is a copyrighted magazine and has exclusive rights unless permission is granted for reprints
Jails is eight to 10 times greater than in the outside population
Jails is 2
Jails is straight you rate
Jails is an ever
Jails is an 800
Jails is one of the best surf spots in the maldives its along right with some very fast sections the water is hot and its not crowded
Jails is a collaborative effort of the office of the public defender and miami
Jails is beginning to ease
Jails is the latest reminder of the miserable existence castro has forced on thousands of
Jails is currently using chain gangs
Jails is 12 times the rate of the prisoners in george bush's?
Jails is reserved solely for
Jails is given to a federal
Jails is statistically significant
Jails is an estimate based on the number of jail inmates receiving psychiatric drugs
Jails is called direct supervision
Jails is about 25
Jails is an all
Jails is fiscally unsustainable and only postpones the day of reckoning for america's counterproductive drug policy
Jails is so pathetic that a convict
Jails is seldom a popular venture among taxpayers
Jails is being discussed by the texas legislature
Jails is approximately 21
Jails is low
Jails is carried out as per provisions of the new punjab Jails manual
Jails is a cost effective way of reducing recidivism and the
Jails is to invest dollars in prevention
Jails is just one aspect of the problem
Jails is _______________________________________________________________
Jails is hardly getting out

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