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Googlism comments

Jalpa is one
Jalpa is an open road car
Jalpa is also pictured in rob box' booktraume auf 4 radern on page 126/127
Jalpa is still attempting to recover from the blow
Jalpa is considered the "new" masalla
Jalpa is chassis #1
Jalpa is regarded as a more 'affordable' lamborghini
Jalpa is great with the roof down
Jalpa is the discussion between the two who are also convinced that each one is right and the opponent is wrong
Jalpa is produced with v8 engine
Jalpa is back with us this semester
Jalpa is a discussion wherein one is not interessted in what is said by others
Jalpa is the line of argument where the power or position is used to subdue
Jalpa is the a 'baby' in the lamborghini family
Jalpa is equipped with side skirts
Jalpa is when one personís opinion is supposed to be accepted not because of the inherent substance or merit of the opinion itself
Jalpa is set back several miles from the very shallow and sluggish headwaters of the "little flanmi
Jalpa is that discussion
Jalpa is no longer so prosperous

Nickname Jalpa

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