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Googlism comments

Jan-Erik is no longer my boyfriend
Jan-Erik is ignorant of the torturer's identity until it is
Jan-Erik is designing our zinc/sulfur
Jan-Erik is working as a computer programmer
Jan-Erik is from sweden and a true romantic
Jan-Erik is now living an active life
Jan-Erik is expelled from school and leaves ome to stay in bertha`s room
Jan-Erik is married with solveig and he's got three children
Jan-Erik is like a supervisor and has most contact with the customers
Jan-Erik is a high school student who is viciously humiliated by a teacher nicknamed ""caligula""
Jan-Erik is our absolute rocket expert
Jan-Erik is an antique dealer and an expert on swedish furniture and other antiques
Jan-Erik is never nervous
Jan-Erik is tekn
Jan-Erik is in charge of traffics to and from continental europe
Jan-Erik is extremely helpful in assessing the age of chinese porcelain
Jan-Erik is a dedicated gentleman and i have to thank him so much for all his help
Jan-Erik is flying home that night

Nickname Jan-Erik

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