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Googlism comments

Jedah is self destructive enough to make heero yuy look like a care bear
Jedah is trying to achieve tranquility for the world
Jedah is god of mikai
Jedah is also trying to find this woman
Jedah is ready to be dealt with
Jedah is capable of the sort of ability all while maintaining physical strength
Jedah is defeated
Jedah is surprised as a beam of ice hits him from behind and a river of powerful water smashes into him and lastly a ball of energy hits him
Jedah is a 5" figure that is dressed in purple regalia
Jedah is gone
Jedah is floating back will turn him into a scythe
Jedah is resurrected by it is rumoured that it could be by the makai itself
Jedah is trying to take command early
Jedah is evil
Jedah is
Jedah is lying and there is no reward
Jedah is gathering force again
Jedah is the newly crowned us champion
Jedah is giving her a bit of last minute advice
Jedah is in the west of the kingdom
Jedah is returning to makai no matter what the cost to those that live there
Jedah is actually a more worthy opponent for a being of my power than berial's daughter could ever possibly be
Jedah is acting out of his own odd sense of love for makai
Jedah is the master of the dohma family
Jedah is head of the house of doma in the
Jedah is a
Jedah is the super creepy guy with the neat teenchcoat
Jedah is supposed to be the
Jedah is the coolest character ever in a
Jedah is cool
Jedah is property of theria
Jedah is triumphant
Jedah is the lord of the house doma
Jedah is right
Jedah is capable of using that teleporting spell
Jedah is the first of our new characters
Jedah is coming down
Jedah is so preciatble
Jedah is out
Jedah is not repeat not the webmaster of this site
Jedah is destroying her people
Jedah is a vampire
Jedah is really cool
Jedah is up and walking already
Jedah is no longer in control of me

Nickname Jedah

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