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Googlism comments

Jimmer is privy to this information is unknown
Jimmer is to publicise the quiz straight after the meeting tonight
Jimmer is continuing to mix tracks for the new rave
Jimmer is working on new material but he also has another job and a son he is raising
Jimmer is featured on the 1999 releases "everything under the sun" by the ira b
Jimmer is a long story
Jimmer is right
Jimmer is in valhalla and one day i will join him there
Jimmer is the frontman of bobo
Jimmer is beginner category race pace
Jimmer is helping me along with that
Jimmer is probably looking forward to going back to work
Jimmer is part of the dice crew
Jimmer is a 23 pound black american shorthair cat who visits nursing homes & schools
Jimmer is mad
Jimmer is an offensive threat
Jimmer is a gorgeous yearling colt who has unlimited potential as a show gelding
Jimmer is serving 10 years for a marijuana law violation
Jimmer is saying
Jimmer is a geographer for the census bureau
Jimmer is still working on the party
Jimmer is hot on getting next year’s anniversary party set
Jimmer is selling them for $750
Jimmer is my friend
Jimmer is one ugly ugly baby
Jimmer is a 14 year old
Jimmer is the proud "royal canadian pioneer" in the jeff tiedrich fan club j
Jimmer is #1
Jimmer is introduced to a medium pop

Nickname Jimmer

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