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Googlism comments

Jinnai is shinonome high school's greatest student
Jinnai is the main villain in el
Jinnai is captured by the bugrom empire and immediately proceeds to conquer it for himself and teach the bugrom what it truly means to be really
Jinnai is trying to get his clutches on a weapon of ultimate power
Jinnai is his friend and all
Jinnai is a smart
Jinnai is a tactical genius
Jinnai is also present
Jinnai is proclaiming his greatnessówith the caveat that Jinnai
Jinnai is overjoyed
Jinnai is katsuhiko's money interested sister and makoto's best friend
Jinnai is katsuhiko's sister
Jinnai is a power
Jinnai is abducted by the bugrom and lead to their queen
Jinnai is chasing him
Jinnai is a sixteen year old girl in the anime series el hazard
Jinnai is bent on ruling the school
Jinnai is not your usual student
Jinnai is very funny
Jinnai is more a nefarious visionary than a pragmatist
Jinnai is a freak
Jinnai is confronting his "enemy"
Jinnai is always good for a laugh
Jinnai is very
Jinnai is a sniveling cheater who won the school elections only because he bribed the right people
Jinnai is getting friendly with diva
Jinnai is chasing makoto
Jinnai is plotting and realizing their need for an ultimate weapon
Jinnai is dead
Jinnai is going after him
Jinnai is definately ambitious
Jinnai is able to communicate with the bugrum
Jinnai is convinced that makoto is his destined lifelong enemy
Jinnai is not about to let that happen
Jinnai is as over the top as usual
Jinnai is a popular actor active in film
Jinnai is shocked to see somebody using the chant and flees the scene severely outnumbered
Jinnai is such a loser and ultimately treats ifurita so badly that it would take very little to lure her away from him
Jinnai is certainly not a romantic rival
Jinnai is an egotistical megalomaniac
Jinnai is the evil guy of this anime
Jinnai is enraged by the fact that he couldn't stop runes escape
Jinnai is sinning?
Jinnai is extremely jealous of makoto for some unknown reason
Jinnai is good at being evil without being completely unsympathetic and simplistic
Jinnai is irritated due to the indecicive out come of the war against the allied army
Jinnai is katsuhiko younger sister who is secretly in love
Jinnai is insane and laughs hysterically all the time
Jinnai is stunned
Jinnai is getting friendly with diva the queen of the insect tribe who wants to conquer el hazard
Jinnai is now a villain
Jinnai is obviously a very troubled young man
Jinnai is leading a
Jinnai is up to
Jinnai is going to activate the eye of god
Jinnai is your typical
Jinnai is drawn toward anyone as insane as him
Jinnai is sent to el hazard with some other earthlings
Jinnai is the younger sister of katsuhiko Jinnai
Jinnai is concerned
Jinnai is in there? did something
Jinnai is surprised that there were still those who could use the chant and leaves
Jinnai is the sneaky
Jinnai is furious when makoto's science experiment outshines his own
Jinnai is the villain of "el
Jinnai is born at toronto general hospital
Jinnai is actually their
Jinnai is a decent villain since he is insane
Jinnai is funny so i thought it would be funnier if my friend and i would be them
Jinnai is claiming it as his discovery
Jinnai is a big drugsdealer who makes the live of the incredible edman rough and tough and dangerous
Jinnai is a mean drugsdealer who sells his drugs on poor innocent people who haven't got a future
Jinnai is the lead
Jinnai is commissioned to work for matsuda enterprises
Jinnai is also up to his old tricks as he shows up with another demon weapon named kalia
Jinnai is my grand
Jinnai is one of my favorite anime villains
Jinnai is running for his life and cursing the fact that he doesn't have any litter bearers to do it for him
Jinnai is to makoto from el hazard
Jinnai is irritated due to the indecisive outcome of the war against the allied army
Jinnai is enraged by rune's escape
Jinnai is more of an accomoplished pansy

Nickname Jinnai

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