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Googlism comments

Jitter is possible
Jitter is a set of 133 brilliant new video
Jitter is short
Jitter is the most important measurement of cd quality?
Jitter is usually low and may not require measurement
Jitter is defined as the deviations in a clock's output transitions from their ideal positions
Jitter is defined as those phase variations with respect to a perfect reference that happens in a clock or data signal as a result of noise
Jitter is the deviation in time of any clock period from the ideal clock period
Jitter is activated
Jitter is artificial noise deliberately added to the inputs during training
Jitter is thus directly measured in the time domain
Jitter is a function of the delay setting
Jitter is a kind of vibration
Jitter is often specified as an absolute value in
Jitter is essentially variation in the zero crossing times of the data eye
Jitter is a set of 133 new video
Jitter is the deviation of the clock timing from its ideal value
Jitter is noticeable
Jitter is composed of both deterministic
Jitter is highly optimized for use with video data
Jitter is mostly high frequency
Jitter is not an easy thing to measure accurately compared to more common parameters like voltage and frequency
Jitter is becoming a critical portion of the production testing of today’s digital and mixed
Jitter is required for the digital
Jitter is measured using a clock extracted from the serial signal being evaluated as shown in the bottom part of this figure
Jitter is present in this signal when it reaches receiver b
Jitter is the difference between the time that an event was expected to occur and the time that the event actually occurred
Jitter is a result of differing transit times for ions striking different portions of the ion impact plate
Jitter is the time domain representation
Jitter is confused with data link Jitter
Jitter is defined as the variation in timing of a critical instant in a periodic waveform with respect to a Jitter free reference
Jitter is far more audible than thd+n measurements would suggest
Jitter is assumed to be zero
Jitter is the final frontier
Jitter is and what
Jitter is the low frequency oscillation of a structure due to a rapid change in temperature as the structure deforms
Jitter is a common problem with cd players and other digital media
Jitter is introduced in a test
Jitter is extremely important in systems using pll
Jitter is present at the interface where the measurement
Jitter is the weighted average of the latency difference between every pair of
Jitter is the deviation of a sig
Jitter is either the wordclock or masterclock of the d/a converter chip
Jitter is a result of variations in the propagation delay in the transmission path
Jitter is significant in optical networks because the noise due to Jitter is additive at each stage of signal regeneration
Jitter is caused by many factors
Jitter is “slow” and determined by the dipole
Jitter is caused by amplifier and power
Jitter is one form of image instability that may be noticed in refreshed crt and optical projection display systems
Jitter is defined as time
Jitter is defined as a variation in the delay of received packets
Jitter is defined more precisely as one standard deviation of an accumulated group of delay measurements
Jitter is the standard deviation of delay
Jitter is becoming a growing concern
Jitter is due to signals that are not part of the input signal
Jitter is considered as gaussian
Jitter is defined as "the short
Jitter is a random process
Jitter is also a factor that has to be taken into account in the field of hi
Jitter is viewed on an oscilloscope
Jitter is a measure of the random variation in pit and land lengths
Jitter is also recorded daily for each run
Jitter is the deviation from the ideal timing of clock transition events
Jitter is 35 ps
Jitter is inversely proportional
Jitter is present on the signals in the incoming transmission stream
Jitter is defined as the short
Jitter is the measure of how closely the samples arrive to the ideal time for each sample
Jitter is the deviation in or displacement of some aspect of the pulses in a high
Jitter is relevant in case of a 8
Jitter is transferred to the receiver when
Jitter is het verschijnsel waarbij het digitale signaal niet correct wordt verstuurd naar de d/a
Jitter is found everywhere
Jitter is more often associated with phase locked loops and is a time domain metric that measures the shift in the output period with respect to the ideal
Jitter is the variation in the pointing of the v1 axis
Jitter is the world's first tester for all synchronous sdh/sonet rates up to 10
Jitter is measured as the difference in packet spacing at the receiver compared to the sender for a pair of packets as suggested in
Jitter is generally impossible but it is essential to accurately measure Jitter to determine its possible effects on a
Jitter is derived from the combined motion of the dominant and roll guide stars
Jitter is the cause of these sonic differences
Jitter is important
Jitter is a problem include desktop and electronic publishing
Jitter is a measure of the magnitude of phase movement at >10 hz frequency rate
Jitter is just phase modulation
Jitter is measured in unit intervals
Jitter is caused by the 77mhz + 204
Jitter is coming from
Jitter is key
Jitter is rapid uncontrollable shaking which occurs in the vocal control muscles

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