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Googlism comments

Kal-El is an independent fan site and is not sponsored by dc comics in any way
Kal-El is superman's kryptonian birth name
Kal-El is superman's kryptonian name
Kal-El is about 8
Kal-El is not much different then the "real" thing
Kal-El is to be a serious philosophical study of the superman myth
Kal-El is an intriguing character
Kal-El is born
Kal-El is a silly boy and loves to smile all the time
Kal-El is placed in the spacecraft
Kal-El is faced
Kal-El is my son too
Kal-El is torn by the decision of whether or not to interfere
Kal-El is the last survivor of krypton a dying planet
Kal-El is sent to earth during the 19th century
Kal-El is
Kal-El is arrested as a traitor when he refuses to marry zara and affirms his intention to marry the earthling
Kal-El is full grown when he gets here
Kal-El is wrong to think he can avoid its wrath
Kal-El is the messiah
Kal-El is part of a family of
Kal-El is instructed by his father to let his son's "…leadership stir others…" and reminds him that humans "…can be a great
Kal-El is launched into space by marlon brando’s jor
Kal-El is extremely similar to that of human beings
Kal-El is not a part of himself he trusts in the sometimes cruel hands of most others
Kal-El is my favorite
Kal-El is meant to be different
Kal-El is rocketed to earth from krypton so he can escape its destruction
Kal-El is no longer an infant when he crash lands in a field near smallville
Kal-El is rocketed through space until it lands in the midst of a smallville
Kal-El is part of a family
Kal-El is transformed into a giant
Kal-El is also hebrew for “god
Kal-El is raised as clark kent by
Kal-El is uncharacteristically vulnerable in
Kal-El is adopted by kindly parents
Kal-El is sent from his home planet of krypton just before its destruction by his
Kal-El is born on the planet kryp'tn jor
Kal-El is the last son of the doomed planet krypton
Kal-El is dubbed
Kal-El is clark
Kal-El is sent to earth in a nativity star like capsule
Kal-El is adopted by the waynes and becomes batman
Kal-El is rocketed to earth
Kal-El is then arrested
Kal-El is official
Kal-El is subjected to subliminal teachings in his tiny ship
Kal-El is not lording it over the
Kal-El is good hearted and that lois and clar
Kal-El is found by someone besides the kents" story
Kal-El is too modest
Kal-El is existential and easily forgotten in a month
Kal-El is a multiple houndgroup winner
Kal-El is raised by luthor?
Kal-El is forced to look at himself and his heritage in a very different way
Kal-El is still the last survivor of the planet krypton
Kal-El is destined to be
Kal-El is discovered by an elderly and childless couple named the kents
Kal-El is shown a portrait of zor
Kal-El is shown nude from the front for a moment
Kal-El is an alien from krypton and under a yellow sun he has super powers
Kal-El is in from the last son of krypton? when
Kal-El is a prince who must marry justine bateman
Kal-El is said to have arrived in 1948
Kal-El is shot off to earth
Kal-El is unreachable\n";
Kal-El is human in form
Kal-El is abducted to apokalips and raised as darkseid's own
Kal-El is to the
Kal-El is found and raised as clark kent in smallville
Kal-El is flying to earth as a baby

Nickname Kal-El

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