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Googlism comments

Kallus is on the loose with avarice
Kallus is sol
Kallus is an extremely unusual person
Kallus is a chartered financial analyst
Kallus is on a different plane to the rest of us though; i'd love to see how his brain works
Kallus is
Kallus is for children ages 5
Kallus is playing and i'm all about some of them
Kallus is the creative artistic/sp0relaunching half
Kallus is assisting airrc in creating a client intake database
Kallus is a poet
Kallus is summoning us
Kallus is a full
Kallus is an expert
Kallus is an accountant who specializes in tax issues for self
Kallus is one of the "women of the wall" fighting for the legal right to pray out loud at the western wall
Kallus is in 'n gevorderde stadium van seleksie
Kallus is a senior management major
Kallus is presently writing a ph
Kallus is granted

Nickname Kallus

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