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Googlism comments

Karan is a 57
Karan is available with free shipping and best of all
Karan is so frustrated with devika
Karan is in no mood to give up his hopes
Karan is known to support the needs of modern women with her clothing
Karan is a compulsive flirt when it comes to women and flirts with all his models
Karan is now one of the biggest names in fashion design
Karan is selected to do this
Karan is the leader of an upcoming dance troupe
Karan is a bone marrow transplant
Karan is a sniveling
Karan is a
Karan is said to have been the son of a virgin mother
Karan is still taking antibiotics for spirochetes
Karan is still in her 3
Karan is unaware of the relationship that is blossoming between priya and raj
Karan is one of the top designers in the world
Karan is ajay
Karan is a dancer who is ambitious and wants success at any cost
Karan is a care ?for
Karan is nothing if not eclectic
Karan is clearly in the mood to go out and get down
Karan is not a formal 9
Karan is in love with kajal
Karan is fabulous addition to the list of brainy writer
Karan is married but on the verge of divorce from his wife
Karan is betting that the pieces in the collection can be mixed and matched with impunity
Karan is travelling from singapore to bombay aboard a ship to go back to his fiancee
Karan is a sensitive
Karan is upset at this but he realizes that priya also loves raj
Karan is expected to come there that day
Karan is
Karan is also nicely portrayed
Karan is jittery as hell
Karan is that don't go for masses u go for classes and u will automatically accepted in masses also but opposite is never possible
Karan is the founder of miec and studied at ithaca college and then at the university of texas at austin
Karan is a very good counselor
Karan is swelling mad and swears revenge
Karan is her true soulmate
Karan is not sitting around doing nothing
Karan is the opposite
Karan is held is seen by the fact that the devatas of kulu valley pay regular visits to mani Karan
Karan is light and spicy
Karan is the leader of an upcoming musical dance troupe of which priya is the principal dancer and also Karanís lady
Karan is good for the fighting scenes and otherwise he needs lot of homework before he returns on the screen
Karan is not the kind of designer to sit in a white room and proclaim
Karan is to take industrial materials and turn them into fashion
Karan is distributed by donna Karan hosiery
Karan is a triune
Karan is a remarkably competent heroine
Karan is an account representative for verizon corp
Karan is caught in a dilemma between revenging prakash?s death and guarding kishan's interests
Karan is determined to save his lady love
Karan is the head of a dance group and priya is a part of the group
Karan is her husband
Karan is a non
Karan is now one of the most
Karan is a name that will go down in the annals of fashion history
Karan is nothing but a pawn
Karan is a reputed name in the field of manufacturing and export of a variety of food items
Karan is touring with 15
Karan is working on her second solo album
Karan is promoted to the post of dcp due to this brave act
Karan is used by anna to kill his friend prakash
Karan is about as despicable as they come
Karan is always looking for greener pastures
Karan is in
Karan is a fierce shah rukh loyalist
Karan is the youngest son and is
Karan is the son of bollywood's famous agent rikku nath
Karan is sure that his father was a fighter and he would never suicide as claimed by the police
Karan is professor of geography at the university of kentucky
Karan is also planning a determined expansion abroad
Karan is travelling from singapore to bombay aboard a ship to go back in his fiancee
Karan is a southron captain who served as an ally/mercenary of the confederates in the civil war
Karan is doing some mending of her own after breaking her knee while helicopter skiing
Karan is no spring chicken
Karan is a senior business administration major from india
Karan is inspired by "the artist that lies in all of us
Karan is in the dark about this budding relation
Karan is the comic relief
Karan is the dreaded hitman for an underworld don
Karan is "uniquely" qualified for the position in question based
Karan is lvmh's first and only major american designer label
Karan is also soon to launch a major internet project called the 'the curry zone'
Karan is going to fit this in the film
Karan is devoted to his five sisters
Karan is known for her exceptional vocal range
Karan is little jittery

Nickname Karan

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