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Googlism comments

Keyop is able to escape and join back up with the team
Keyop is nearly killed by the octopus ride
Keyop is not just a joke project
Keyop is the result of a laboratory creation
Keyop is smart
Keyop is safe
Keyop is a genetically engineered being and was grown specifically for the team
Keyop is the smallest member of the team
Keyop is calling princess "prin
Keyop is not featured
Keyop is her love
Keyop is normally very calm and now very uptight
Keyop is everyone's little
Keyop is shot down during a recon mission and has to match wits against his captors
Keyop is injured on a normal mission and mark is left to deal with his own feelings of grief and guilt for his teammate
Keyop is disappointed to hear this
Keyop is playing the drums
Keyop is approached by the sadistic doctor who promises to open up Keyop and see what makes him tick
Keyop is generated
Keyop is a driven self
Keyop is invaluable
Keyop is a baby
Keyop is incapable of
Keyop is understandably chuffed and crawls out through the hole
Keyop is group of tasks needed to complete a job order that corresponds with a component unit phase
Keyop is the smallest yet most deceptive out the group
Keyop is t

Nickname Keyop

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