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Googlism comments

Koppel is one of
Koppel is very sexy
Koppel is one of the few journalists who has earned the public trust
Koppel is such an outstanding interviewer that his public relations strategy
Koppel is considered one of the finest innovations in broadcast news
Koppel is never really comfortable with being "off camera
Koppel is approximately 1024
Koppel is either steering wimbledon fc towards salvation or destruction
Koppel is launching a charm offensive to counter the widespread outrage which greeted the idea when it was first raised
Koppel is a celebrity
Koppel is mad as hell
Koppel is a preeminent force in tv news
Koppel is absolutely one of the best newscasters of all time
Koppel is responsible for advising worldcom on regulatory and business issues regarding
Koppel is a member of the real estate national practice group
Koppel is believed to earn about $us8 million a year
Koppel is
Koppel is safe for the moment
Koppel is heel erg beschermend
Koppel is concerned that
Koppel is doing the right thing footnote
Koppel is abc news' chief diplomatic correspondent
Koppel is one of america's most admired television journalists and a member of the broadcasting
Koppel is eigenlijk een soort kracht
Koppel is een Koppel goudgele en 1
Koppel is one of the most respected journalists in america today and has been the anchor of "nightline" for more than 20 years
Koppel is convinced the future is bright for wimbledon and expects to quickly see more fans at matches than the club had during their stay in the top flight
Koppel is a coward in the face of justified demonstrations
Koppel is expected to leave the network
Koppel is a good guy
Koppel is een openbare school en dus een afspiegeling van de samenleving in de schoolomgeving; we besteden bewust aandacht aan gelijkwaardigheid
Koppel is fine
Koppel is "nightline
Koppel is still insistent that we will pursue the mk option despite everyone
Koppel is a credible tv journalist that isn't in the pockets of the rightwing
Koppel is not
Koppel is whining
Koppel is also survived by son eli of new york
Koppel is? was this comment helpful?
Koppel is no "latter day prophet decrying the hypocrisy of our times"
Koppel is not known to waste words on small talk
Koppel is legendary as an intrepid questioner who stalks the truth
Koppel is isolated
Koppel is aware that less
Koppel is een van de kritiekpunten van veel collega´s
Koppel is used to making noise with her play
Koppel is no bryant gumbel
Koppel is 62
Koppel is a state department correspondent for cnn
Koppel is candid enough to admit that while he frequently consulted with his collaborator
Koppel is the best interviewer in television
Koppel is used as the nighty
Koppel is survived by his wife of 31 years; son
Koppel is staying at abc and that
Koppel is the opportunity to take a large profit from building other facilities
Koppel is only there during the game
Koppel is immers de trekkracht van de motor
Koppel is absent
Koppel is understood to earn about $8ma year
Koppel is reportedly furious over abc's discussions
Koppel is a lot like mister rogers
Koppel is steaming along on the good ship wfc
Koppel is richard grey gallery
Koppel is one of the few television news anchors who understands the difference between a political debate and
Koppel is professor of english at the university of arizona
Koppel is bepalend voor de kracht aan de aangedreven wielen
Koppel is a longtime friend of mine
Koppel is completely irrelevant at this point
Koppel is an observer
Koppel is available to travel anywhere in florida when he is retained on these types of matters
Koppel is in the cafe
Koppel is one of the most respected journalists in america
Koppel is the award
Koppel is the principal on
Koppel is ook al een topper
Koppel is furious that the disney/abc execs have dared to factor in
Koppel is among the true believers
Koppel is endorsed by moderate republicans
Koppel is canadian freelance writer and author with more than 15 years of travel writing experience
Koppel is an institution and if his show leaves the air we will have to turn to other sources to find out about famine
Koppel is ook veel vlakker en over een breder toerengebied te gebruiken
Koppel is using it for the first time for its excavators to improve ride comfort for drivers
Koppel is a robot
Koppel is overrated
Koppel is one of only a dozen entomology majors at the university
Koppel is a veteran broadcast journalist who has been with abc news for 36 years
Koppel is the recipient of
Koppel is president of innergame

Nickname Koppel

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