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Googlism comments

Laertes is dying
Laertes is not engaged in some “dalliance” himself
Laertes is simply a
Laertes is giving a false verbal overture to the circumstance
Laertes is to poison the tip of his blade so that a wound will kill the prince
Laertes is already wounded
Laertes is convinced that ophelia cannot marry hamlet
Laertes is the brother of ophelia
Laertes is presented to us as a hollow and shallow character who gives his sister unfounded advice as to hamlet's feelings towards her
Laertes is motivated more by love than by ambition
Laertes is a young man whose good instincts have been somewhat obscured by the concern with superficial appearances which he has imbibed from his father
Laertes is eager to "be the organ"
Laertes is renowned for his swordsmanship
Laertes is to use a poisoned sword
Laertes is causing quite a stir outside
Laertes is acclimatized again to life in paris
Laertes is advising his sister on her conduct with hamlet
Laertes is that Laertes does not use others to attain his goals
Laertes is dispatched to
Laertes is portrayed in a very poor light
Laertes is a mirror to hamlet
Laertes is preparing to set sail
Laertes is out to kill him
Laertes is talking to claudius
Laertes is one of them
Laertes is significant
Laertes is of great importance in the play
Laertes is excited by this because it means that he will be able to revenge his father's death
Laertes is so overcome with emotion once the coffin has been placed into the grave that he leaps in after it
Laertes is persuaded to take his revenge in a formal duel
Laertes is that Laertes does not use others to attain his goals and his revenge is in part due to the pressure put on him by
Laertes is clearly a foil for the reflective hamlet
Laertes is cut by his own sword's blade
Laertes is determined to have his revenge
Laertes is able to inform hamlet to kill the king
Laertes is upset his sister is being so ill buried
Laertes is isn't doing anything in france except studying
Laertes is overcome with grief
Laertes is ready to kill the king right away thinking that he
Laertes is seeking revenge against hamlet on behalf of his father and sister
Laertes is a young man whose sister
Laertes is saying goodbye to ophelia
Laertes is eager to get his chance for revenge
Laertes is not also dealing with the loss of a crown and of the sexual nature of his mother lying in "incestuous sheets
Laertes is the way in which he is able to be open about his emotions
Laertes is a foil to hamlet
Laertes is that they both respect and follows their father’s advice and love them very much
Laertes is entreated by an older man concerning his desire for revenge
Laertes is very angry with ophelia's death but hamlet is more sorrowful
Laertes is a foil for hamlet and their deceptions are quite painful to all involved
Laertes is a peer of hamlet’s
Laertes is polonius' son and ophelia's brother
Laertes is mistakenly cut
Laertes is hurt badly
Laertes is telling her not to get to attached and then enters polonius who agrees and is trying to protect his daughter
Laertes is bent on
Laertes is on private level of underplot
Laertes is devastated to see her in her distracted state
Laertes is spending time with and encourages reynaldo to fabricate stories to see what sort of reaction he
Laertes is actually doing there
Laertes is dead
Laertes is commonly accounted as first among the casas crantas
Laertes is passionate and ferocious in his defence of his family's honour
Laertes is revenger and an
Laertes is also poisoned
Laertes is
Laertes is sent off by his father
Laertes is much more reminiscent of a young singer in the 1950's designed to set young girls hearts afire
Laertes is very impulsive and direct
Laertes is willing to do the right thing
Laertes is willing to accept every platitude his father offers
Laertes is overcome by grief and he pours dirt over his head
Laertes is allowed to go back to france?
Laertes is—
Laertes is always overwhelmingly charming in his dealings with his sister ophelia
Laertes is held in high esteem for his fencing skills
Laertes is the son of claudius's aide
Laertes is a man of action
Laertes is a lanky tuxedo cat who kinda looks like a smaller version of romeo
Laertes is in the
Laertes is moonlighting as about five other people
Laertes is not only
Laertes is the oldest child of polonius and brother of ophelia
Laertes is ready to
Laertes is polonius’s son
Laertes is callow
Laertes is about the same age as hamlet
Laertes is currently suffering from severe looting with literally scores of small "excavations" visible on the landscape
Laertes is only angry at his father's death
Laertes is suspicious of
Laertes is his

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