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Googlism comments

LanDer is ready to go to mars
LanDer is labor of love for lockheed team leader
LanDer is prelude to piloted missions
LanDer is designed as part of
LanDer is dead
LanDer is limited by an agreement
LanDer is labor of love for lockheed team leader by leonard david washington contributing editor posted
LanDer is prelude to piloted missions by michael miller posted
LanDer is not equipped to avoid boulders as it descends to the surface beneath a parachute and small braking rockets
LanDer is scheduled to land on mars shortly after noon pacific time on friday
LanDer is to search the martian south pole for water
LanDer is a protective "shell" that houses the rover and protects it
LanDer is part of a series of missions in a long
LanDer is scheduled
LanDer is quite small
LanDer is not the first camera to
LanDer is a geneticist
LanDer is one of the driving forces behind today's revolution in genomics
LanDer is designed to deliver 15
LanDer is designed to carry a crew of four astronauts to a prepositioned habitat on the lunar surface
LanDer is a real
LanDer is delivered and mated"
LanDer is currently traveling at a speed of 19
LanDer is a classic arcade game which continues to be just as much fun now as it was when it was first played on those big old arcade video
LanDer is alive would give the scientists a lot of information about what went right with the project
LanDer is on mars december 3
LanDer is scheduled to arrive at the south pole of the red planet
LanDer is equipped to study soil and atmospheric chemistry and radiation at the surface and has a rover which will be deployed to study the immediate
LanDer is targeted for a site on the martian south polar layered deposits at 76 degrees south
LanDer is slated for launch on january 3
LanDer is a bustling community of approximately 8
LanDer is camera glitch
LanDer is lowered toward a spin table for testing
LanDer is deployed down a tether >that is around 100 ft or meters i don't remember which
LanDer is going so slow it can use a parachute
LanDer is no mere run 'n' gun game
LanDer is too small to show up in the images beamed from the satellite
LanDer is
LanDer is just a few pixels across
LanDer is approximately 7
LanDer is closing in fast today on the red planet for its planned friday landing on an unexplored region near the martian south pole
LanDer is equipped with a microphone that
LanDer is on mars
LanDer is in excellent condition
LanDer is managed by the jet propulsion laboratory for nasa's office of space science
LanDer is a light detection and ranging
LanDer is $150m of
LanDer is prepared for testing ksc
LanDer is scheduled to be launched in may/june 2003 with the aid of the russian soyuz fg launch vehicle from
LanDer is the companion spacecraft to the mars surveyor '98 orbiter
LanDer is a member of the urban land institute
LanDer is equipped to study soil and atmospheric chemistry and radiation at the surface
LanDer is attached to the cruise stage and enclosed in the 2
LanDer is a tampon
LanDer is the "employer of record" for temporary professionals
LanDer is provided by a german
LanDer is to study the planet's weather and soil while using a robot arm to dig beneath the surface in a search for water ice
LanDer is meant to dig into the ground surface
LanDer is the 40th comptroller general of south carolina
LanDer is still unknown
LanDer is launched by h2a rocket
LanDer is considered remote at this point
LanDer is committed to gradual but
LanDer is now a four
LanDer is an accurate altimeter
LanDer is too
LanDer is part of a massive us commitment to martian exploration and its loss would be a humiliating blow to the agency's prestige
LanDer is good comic
LanDer is shaped like a tetrahedron
LanDer is well
LanDer is the first spacecraft headed toward the southern polar cap of mars
LanDer is a one
LanDer is just as strong an product in terms of entertainment value as any of the other landware products
LanDer is coached by sheila rhodes
LanDer is 1
LanDer is 335 days from launch
LanDer is om de gegevens van de daling door de atmosfeer terug te sturen naar de aarde
LanDer is a rather peculiar game seeking more to trouble than to amuse the potential player
LanDer is; hence the term
LanDer is equipped with a tractor beam
LanDer is on its way to a landing where no spacecraft has gone before
LanDer is a solar
LanDer is located in west
LanDer is due to touch town early this saturday morning to bring us
LanDer is seen in the distance at right
LanDer is an innovative leader
LanDer is in free
LanDer is in

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